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Are you still reeling over 'Shadowhunters' S3B? Test out your knowledge of Malec in this ultimate 'Shadowhunters' quiz.

Cuddle time! The ultimate ‘Shadowhunters’ S3B Malec quiz

Shadowhunters may be gone – but never forgotten. With S3B still replaying in our minds and on our TVs, we dedicate this quiz to Malec moments throughout the last season of Shadowhunters.

With #SaveShadowhunters still going strong, we haven’t lost hope that some more Malec content may grace our TV screens once more. Both Harry Shum Jr. and Matthew Daddario brought Malec to life throughout the series, so it’s only reasonable we create this quiz.

S3B gave us a Malec wedding and so much more. Why not test your knowledge on the Shadowfam’s favorite ship? Tweet us @FilmDailyNews with your score and your favorite Malec Shadowhunters S3B moment!

Relive all the most magical Malec ‘Shadowhunters’ S3B moments in our quiz

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