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Are you a Bookhouse Boy? Take the ‘Twin Peaks’ quiz and determine whether you fit into the show’s eccentric cast.

How well do you know the ‘Twin Peaks’ cast? Take our quiz to find out

When David Lynch and Mark Frost created the seemingly idyllic small town of Twin Peaks in the late 1980s, the sensationality of Laura Palmer’s murder launched a cult classic that continues to reach beyond replication. The surrealistic quality of the show and subsequent dream logic form the backbone for the now three-season series, with fans speculating theories as to what really went on during those black, moonless nights. 

Having originally aired on ABC from 1990-1991 in its first two seasons, Twin Peaks was renewed 25 years later for a third installment on Showtime in 2017. In this season, David Lynch and Mark Frost present a visually stunning and groundbreaking continuation of the richly vibrant characters of the series, further unearthing the darkness that lurks beneath.  

By emphasizing unconventional narrative structure and the bewilderment of the bizarre, Twin Peaks remains firmly archived in the hearts, and more importantly, the subconscious, of our culture.       

Are the owls really not what they seem? Find out with our Twin Peaks quiz, and be sure to tweet your score to @FilmDailyNews to let us know how well you did!

Think you have what it takes to be a Bookhouse Boy? Take our damn fine ‘Twin Peaks’ quiz to find out.

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