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Great or terrible, the dialogue in 'Star Wars' has always been memorable. See if you can recall which characters originated these quotes!

‘Star Wars’ quiz: Do you know who said these iconic quotes?

We all love Star Wars! But how well do you know the quotes? This franchise created some pretty iconic quotes: “Luke, I am your father” (Fun fact: Darth Vader never said that – it’s a line from Tommy Boy referencing the actual quote). “May the Force be with you.” “I don’t like sand. It’s all coarse and rough, and irritating. And it gets everywhere.” 

The last one sucked, and it’s completely, justifiably mockable. However, you get our point. Star Wars is one of the most quotable franchises out there. How well do you remember who said which Star Wars quote? Come, young padawan, and test your knowledge of the Star Wars quotes below! Afterwards, hit us up @FilmDailyNews with your score!

Master the ‘Star Wars’ universe by proving your knowledge of its best quotes

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