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Are you ready to open the window to the multiverse and challenge the Magisterium? Take our HBO 'His Dark Materials' quiz and see!

Do you love HBO’s ‘His Dark Materials’? Take our quiz to prove it!

We’re fascinated by the world of HBO’s His Dark Materials, aren’t you? With mysteries at every turn, it leaves investigative nerds around here all aquiver. From kidnapping children to war in the heavens, the awesome panorama of action & mystery never stops.

We join young Lyra & Will as they explore the portals of the multiverse, as a greater struggle manifests around them – a struggle ultimately theirs to settle. HBO’s His Dark Materials is an adaptation of Phillip Pullman’s trilogy of books.

It takes a quick mind, a steadfast heart, and just plain guts to survive in the worlds of His Dark Materials. So, fans of HDM, do you have what it takes to triumph in the multiverse? Take our quiz and discover the answer! Share with your fellow explorers and tweet us @FilmDailyNews!

Can you maneuver the multiverse? Take our ‘His Dark Materials’ quiz to find out!

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