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Jason Mendoza of 'The Good Place' has clearly proven himself as the ultimate fictional Florida Man. But can you tell his quotes apart from real Florida Men?

Who said it? Real Florida Man or ‘The Good Place”s Jason Mendoza

There have been many characters to capture the chaotic energy of Florida Man. But only Manny Jacinto truly embodied the essence of Florida in the character of Jason Mendoza, the dirtbag DJ from Jacksonville on The Good Place. After four seasons, the dirtbag grew enough to find his way into the real Good Place.

However, Jason’s progression didn’t proceed without a few questionable crimes along the way. To prove what a true Florida Man Jason Mendoza is, we’ve pulled some top quotes from actual Florida Men arrested for their ridiculous crimes, along with select quotes from our boy Jason. See if you can tell the difference between the two and get 100% now!

Real or fictional Florida Man? Guess who said what!

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