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Need some 'Bridgerton' romance in your life desperately? Time to make Lady Whistledown talk with our quiz to find your 'Bridgerton' bae.

Find out who your perfect ‘Bridgerton’ bae is with our quiz

Period dramas have this special way of sweeping us up in glorious romances. We could attribute our obsession to the dreamy faces, elegant settings, or sophisticated professions of love, but we believe it’s the stories themselves that dazzle us beyond measure. 

Of course we’re referring to Bridgerton above all others: the rapturously praised Netflix series that blew the world away. Love is central to the Shonda Rhimes masterpiece series; the way the intense relationships flourish is most certainly the force driving us to bingewatch the entire series in one sitting.

Have you ever wondered which Bridgerton character would be your soulmate? Put yourself out there by taking our Bridgerton compatibility quiz and discover which character would be at your doorstep with a marriage proposal. Once the match is made, share who you got with us @FilmDailyNews!

Your true love awaits: Who is your true 'Bridgerton' boo?

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