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Through the Lens: The Evolution of Jeff Carlson’s Photographic Vision

Capturing the essence of a moment, an emotion, or a landscape in a single frame is a talent that few possess. Yet, for award-winning photographer Jeffrey Carlson, this ability is second nature. Jeffrey Carlson has established himself as a master of the craft, with his work in the automotive industry attracting massive attention globally. Carlson is the creative behind some of the top automotive photography today. But getting here wasn’t easy. It took Carlson a lot of practice and experimentation. He shares with us how he found his photographic vision.

Carlson was first introduced to photography by his grandfather, who was a photographer.  Carlson often accompanied him to his dark room, which he says highly inspired him to take the next step. In Carlson’s words, he wanted to be behind the lens and capture his own moments.

Although Carlson’s grandfather passed away when Carlson was three, his influence played a significant role. Carlson came to learn photography through what his grandfather left him. He started shooting on his grandfather’s Canon AE-1, and by the time he was in high school, Carlson had not only found his photographic voice but was certain this was something he wanted to do full-time.

Jeffrey Carlson holds a degree in Image Arts. He has worked alongside celebrated photographers Anne Geddes, Greg Swales, and Matthias Clamer. 

After completing his degree, Carlson assisted various photographers while still working on his portfolio. He later launched his brand in architecture and product photography. Carlson’s first significant beak was with architectural photography. He has a vast portfolio of buildings and similar architectural structures. Carlson has also done product photography. He shot for major brands in the country and beyond before switching to car photography at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Like many other artists, Carlson was impacted by Covid. With the travel bans, he wanted something close to home and decided to try automotive photography. Today, Carlson is a well-regarded commercial automotive photographer in Canada and beyond. He has shot some of the top car pictures in motion and stationary. Carlson recently traveled to Germany to shoot with a new automotive technology, Gybow.

He says one of his goals is to continue shooting automotive photography. He looks forward to working with more car dealerships and manufacturers, helping them capture the beauty and character of each car. Carlson is also using his journey to inspire young photographers, showing them that it is possible to monetize their work. It is also okay to try different styles as it will help you find your artistic vision, Carlson says.

Carlson’s photography style has evolved over the years. He has experimented with different techniques, lighting, and angles and has found his niche in automotive photography. His photos are clean, contrasty, epic, and range from luxury cars to supercars. Jeffrey Carlson loves incorporating multidisciplinary crews to deliver stunning content for still video and new media platforms. His work is posted on his social media accounts, including Instagram and his official website

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