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From Bogota to Miami: The Cinematic Vision of Carlos Vargas Matiz

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To Carlos Vargas Matiz, filmmaking is more than an art—it is his passion and future. Matiz has already made waves as an editor, cinematographer, and photographer with over ten years of experience in his field. He plans to grow his portfolio and establish himself as a film director and screenwriter.

Matiz’s journey began in Bogota, Colombia, where he nurtured ambitious aspirations of stepping into the world of filmmaking. Fueled by his deep love for photography, he set his sights on the UK, eventually completing his Master of Arts in Filmmaking from Leeds Beckett University. Back home in Colombia, relying solely on photography and cinematography proved to be a challenging path to sustain a livelihood. However, Matiz’s unwavering determination to carve a niche for himself in the industry remained unshaken.

A turning point came when Matiz was granted a scholarship to pursue studies at The New York Film Academy in the vibrant atmosphere of South Beach. This experience breathed new life into his creative hunger, rekindling the flames of his passion. Today, you’ll find Matiz situated in the vibrant landscape of Miami, Florida, where he continues to pursue his dreams and push the boundaries of his cinematic aspirations.

Since establishing his career over a decade ago, Matiz has worked with a variety of high-profile clients, including Avianca Airlines, Burger King, Margaritaville, Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts, and more. He has established himself as a photographer, cinematographer, and editor and has dipped his toes into directing. His commercial for Miller’s Ale House has garnered over 2.5 million views on YouTube in the past three months alone. Matiz was the cameraman on the shoot and can be seen hard at work in behind-the-scenes footage. Matiz previously won a Silver Telly Award for his editing and cinematography. His photos have also been published in Colombian magazines. 

All of Matiz’s accomplishments have not come without their fair share of challenges. He cites faith as both his biggest motivation and greatest challenge. He recalls a specific time when he worked a comfortable job at a Colombian company but wasn’t advancing in his career. Matiz rediscovered his passion for photography on a shoot for this job, inspiring a pure sense of joy in him. Then, he started looking for a way to continue his filmmaking studies and applied to The New York Film Academy South Beach.

Other struggles Matiz has overcome include making a living off his art and the language barrier. He is now flourishing in the US, but getting started was difficult. As anyone in the industry would know, it is hard to stand out from the competition and find your footing. However, Matiz’s passion and skill have proven worthy of success.

In the future, Matiz hopes to become an established director. With his skills in editing and cinematography, directing will come naturally to him. Matiz wants to work on big-budget films, not only as a director but also as a writer. He is ready to present his own stories and ideas to the world. Matiz’s passion for photography and cinematography will not fade, however. He plans to keep expressing himself through photography and work with more big brands and high-profile people. His ambitions may sound lofty, but Matiz has all the skills and experience to back them up. Carlos Vargas Matiz will continue to impress with his photography expertise while exploring and growing his passion for writing and filmmaking.

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