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Lights, Camera, Leadership: The Guiding Principles of Cristina Barres Isac’s Production Journey

Under the dazzling glare of studio lights and the hum of cameras, Cristina Barres Isac stands as a captivating force in the film industry. A virtuoso in the production realm, her odyssey from Venezuela to Mexican cinema is nothing short of inspiring. In the early dawn of her career, Barres Isac’s path weaved through the venerable halls of Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, where her voice resonated as she taught oral communication and visual arts. This bedrock would soon catapult her to exciting new horizons. 

2016 marked a pivotal chapter as Barres Isac set her compass toward Mexico. Like a seedling in fertile ground, her growth was exponential. Barres Isac swiftly transitioned from a production assistant to a producer. As she ascended the echelons, her portfolio blossomed.

One of the many projects in this portfolio is the captivating campaign Barres Isac spearheaded for Bose, directed by Bradley and Pablo and produced by Christopher Cho. The campaign aimed to introduce Bose’s latest product offering, the QuietComfort® Earbuds II. The shoot took place in Mexico City in October 2022, where six distinct locations were carefully chosen and shot over two days to showcase different scenarios where people could fully enjoy the benefits of these noise-canceling earphones. 

Real-life settings played a pivotal role, including a chef school to capture the bustling environment of a restaurant kitchen, as well as a residential house to demonstrate the immersive experience in a personal space. 

In addition to real locations, Barres Isac and her team ingeniously transformed certain areas to resemble different settings. A street in the heart of the city was converted into a marathon scene, while a restaurant was cleverly repurposed as an office setting. Furthermore, a coffee shop was recreated to resemble a cozy establishment in China. Through Bose Isac’s inventiveness, the creative combination of authentic and transformed locations added depth and versatility to the campaign, ensuring a captivating visual narrative for the Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds II.

What comprises Barres Isac’s unwavering drive to produce commercials of this caliber? The answer lies not merely in her acumen but also in her heart. Her leadership is a symphony, and each note is a testament to her core values. Paramount to her ethos is the tenet of camaraderie. She believes that a solitary maestro cannot create a symphony; it’s the orchestra that breathes life into music. 

As a producer, Barres Isac’s realm encompasses timelines, budgets, and logistics, yet the heartbeat of her work is the fostering of a cohesive and nurturing environment. As an extraordinary producer, she demonstrates an innate grasp of the production process while simultaneously excelling at cultivating and fostering relationships with brand clients, creative agencies, directors, celebrities, and artists. By weaving these connections into a means of collaboration, she ignites creativity and paves the way for unrivaled success. 

As the driving force behind the project for Bose, Cristina Barres Isac has proved an influential force in the production space. Her leadership, steeped in humility, kindness, and unwavering resolve, is a testament to the power of human connection. “Being kind, listening to others, and ensuring that people know they can approach you is crucial,” Barres Isac reflects. Her sets are not a mere assemblage of professionals but a tapestry woven through trust, mutual respect, and shared aspirations.

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