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From Movie Fanatic to TV Show Star: Meet Ricardo Vargas

Photo Credits: Cathryn Farnsworth

There’s no single path to entering the acting industry, but for Ricardo Vargas, it all began with his childhood love for horror movies. While he enjoyed classics like Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, it was the Scream franchise that truly captivated him. The blend of horror and comedy, the clever humor, and the iconic Ghostface killer formed a winning combination that Vargas couldn’t resist. His admiration for these films fueled his desire to pursue acting, particularly in his beloved horror genre.

Vargas firmly believes that horror movies provide a fun and distinct platform for actors to explore their characters and delve into their deepest emotions. It’s a genre where life and death often teeter on the edge, creating intense situations that push characters to their limits. For actors like Vargas, this presents a remarkable chance to delve into the minds of the people they’re playing and truly understand their deepest thoughts and motivations. Vargas believes these high-stakes scenarios offer a level of insight into the characters’ psyche that is unparalleled in other genres. 

Although the Scream franchise holds a special place in Vargas’s heart, his aspirations extend beyond it. His ultimate goal is to become a versatile actor capable of embracing any role with authenticity and ease. He strives to master the craft of acting and tackle diverse characters across various genres. After all, the most accomplished actors are able to play a wide variety of characters. 

Recently, Vargas achieved a significant milestone by landing his first leading role in a true-crime TV show, portraying one of the controversial Menendez brothers. Additionally, he takes pride in his involvement in a music video alongside the renowned musician Lana Del Rey. These experiences have allowed Vargas to showcase his acting abilities while providing valuable opportunities to collaborate with other talented individuals.

Like most actors, Vargas’ journey has been filled with its share of challenges. He knew he couldn’t become an actor while living in Mexico, so he left his family and moved to Los Angeles. Although being separated from those he loves proved challenging, Vargas understood that following his passion required sacrifice. Being away from your loved ones can be tough, and Vargas knows this firsthand. However, even though not seeing the people you love is tough, sometimes it’s necessary to realize your dreams.

Photo Credits: Parker Burr

The ambitious Vargas is determined to make his mark on the entertainment industry. He firmly believes that success comes from remaining dedicated and working through the obstacles you might face. “You have to believe in yourself and never give up,” he says, acknowledging how crucial self-confidence and tenacity are while pursuing one’s dreams.

With his unwavering passion for horror movies and his drive to become a versatile actor, Ricardo Vargas shines as a rising star in the film industry. He insists that hard work and perseverance lead to success, and as he establishes himself in the film industry, Vargas can’t wait to see what the future holds. His journey is an inspiration to aspiring actors from all backgrounds, reminding them to always pursue their dreams with steady determination and self-belief.

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