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'The X Factor' ends in the UK after 17 seasons on the air. See what the judges and fans have to say about the series ending.

‘X Factor’ is axed: How have the judges reacted to this shocking announcement?

The X-Factor is one of the longest running reality shows in the UK. More importantly, it has influenced the music scene as well. Without the reality TV competition, we wouldn’t have such acts like Little Mix or One Direction. Can you imagine living in a world without Harry Styles? We certainly can’t. The judges on The X-Factor have been instrumental in making the series a success.

Of course, all eras have to come to an end. (Until about five years later when it’s inevitably rebooted, mark our words on that front.) It’s been announced that The X-Factor is ending after 17 seasons, which is a very long run indeed. So let’s see if we can see what the judges on the series are saying along with the rest of the fans of The X-Factor.



A former judge says good-bye.


And it was just swept under the rug?!

Gross. Poor Mel B.


Sweet victory

Strictly Come Dancing has emerged victorious. The war has ended.


Ah, memories

People are sharing their fave moments from the series.


Someone had to do it

And, of course, the requisite joke.


Someone is confused right about now

Some people just learned the series was still going on.


Get to work YouTube

Now, it is time for “best moments” compilations.





And the celebrations have begun

Yes, the nightmare is over.


Star power

Time to sigh over Harry Styles.

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