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Break-ups can be a act of freedom for some, but for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis it could just be hurting their individual net worth.

Olivia Wilde vs. Jason Sudeikis: Has divorce destroyed their net worth?

On April 26th, Olivia Wilde was served a mysterious envelope while onstage during the Warner Bros. CinemaCon session. The Colosseum audience at Caesars Palace was aflutter in curiosity as they wondered what it contained. Turns out Jason Sudeikis may have a significant net worth, but publicly serving his ex-fiancé custody papers was priceless.

You’d have thought this would be the height of their shared scandal, but you’d be wrong. The drama not only escalated, it grew to involve more unfortunate souls. It went from a jaw-dropping event to the type of gossip fodder one only finds in small-town gatherings.

People all over the internet have tuned in to see where this whacky rollercoaster of messiness would lead next. It’s generated more interest in their lives, but more interest doesn’t equal more professional opportunities. What has their turbulent parting done to their bank accounts?

jason sudeikis net worth

Unhappy endings

Celebrity relationships have a tendency to burn hot and then crash hard. Some – like Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance – enjoy long years of love & happiness. Most, however, give the public a break-up worth gossiping about while waiting on barely functioning printers.

In 2011, Jason Sudeikis had a net worth of $20 million from his comedic work on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. He’d also made a name for himself in projects like Horrible Bosses & The Cleveland Show. When he met Wilde, she had a net worth of $25 million.

Their bank accounts might not have been on the same page, but their hearts were. They started dating soon after and were engaged in January 2013. By 2016, they’d had two kids and seemed to be building a life together. After seven years, the two went their separate ways and neither was very quiet about it.

jason sudeikis net worth

On the prowl

Net worth was the last thing on Jason Sudeikis’ mind during the split. According to their former nanny, he was so upset about Wilde moving on that he threw himself in front of her car. Apparently, she was getting ready to share her ‘special dressing’ with her new boyfriend Harry Styles.

It sounds like a euphemism, but maybe it was just that good. Who knew the actress known for her sultry looks was apparently a master chef? The point is, Sudeikis was beside himself while the thirty-eight-year-old actress found new love with a younger man.

It broke his heart, made her happy, and had the world talking. What it did to their net worth, however, is a little less noteworthy. . . at least, it was for her. Surprisingly, Sudeikis’ net worth went up to $25 million which is, ironically, the same as Wilde’s.

jason sudeikis net worth

Worried darling

Their drama was enough to make headlines. Whatever Don’t Worry Darling had going on was enough to keep talking for weeks. From an angry Florence Pugh to Styles allegedly spitting on Chris Pine, it was what many have lovingly called a sh*t-show of epic proportions.

Jason Sudeikis’s net worth might’ve increased just by proxy of him not being as tabloid-present as Wilde. No one was accusing him of being buddy-buddy with abusers or pissing off A-list celebrities. Aside from publicly serving Wilde legal documents, he’d pretty much flown under the radar.

It wasn’t until their nanny made wild claims about their breakup that people started talking about him. Even then, he & Wilde were coming together to dispute the nanny’s tales of homemade foods driving men to bodice-ripping dramatics. He’s since been pretty quiet.

jason sudeikis net worth

Separate ways

Jason Sudeikis is no slouch and his net worth reflects his hard work. The Ted Lasso star may not come from old money like Wilde, but he’s made a name for himself. Wilde may be knee-deep in fanning the publicity flames of her career, but Sudeikis is doing alright.

At the end of the day, Wilde & Sudeikis will be fine. She’s got Scottish ancestors who were making money at the height of the British Empire. As long as Apple TV+ keeps renewing his hit show, then he’ll never have to worry about money. Neither one has a net worth taking any significant damage.

Yet, the industry is fickle. What’s hot one day can be dead on the water the next. Making money today is never guaranteed money tomorrow. Plus, net worth can be impacted by things like social standing & personal assets. In that case, who knows what can happen? They might find themselves on the bad end of a good audit.

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