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Is 'Runaways' just a thin money grab? Here’s a rundown of the top three ways Hulu's 'Runaways' fails to impress, making us wish it would just go away.

All the reasons ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ should just run away from us

It seems like Marvel’s Runaways is a way for Hulu to make some easy money: a superhero-themed show that’s also a teenage drama adapted from a cult favorite comic. Runaways centers on six children who see their parents commit a human sacrifice and become superheroes to stop them.

However, by striving to set itself apart from the comic, the show has severely missed the mark. Here’s a rundown of the top three ways Runaways fails to impress, making us wish it would just go away.


Where are the powers?

Despite focusing on a team of superheroes, Runaways chooses to hint at the characters’ powers rather than showing them.

This means we get to see that Karolina (Virginia Gardner) can glow, there’s a vague sense that Nico (Lyrica Okano) will use magic, and there’s a few fleeting shots of a dinosaur, with little to no explanation of what any of this means until way into the back half of the season. This serves to confuse newcomers and frustrate fans of the comic.

Hulu's 'Runaways'

Nobody cares about the parents

One of the big selling points for this show was the increased focus on the parents of the children. However, the show fails to make them even remotely compelling. In fact, by giving them more screen time, it just showcases how bland the villains are, with many scenes of them feeling like filler.

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The kids don’t run away

This is the big one – for a show called Runaways, the kids rather noticeably fail to run away. Instead they choose to investigate whether their parents actually killed someone or were simply LARPing. It takes much of the first season to get to where they are by the end of the first issue when they’re on the run and working against their parents.

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