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Emmy Watch: Why Donald Glover is always our Renaissance Man

Emmy Watch: Why Donald Glover is always our Renaissance Man

After conquering TV, music, music videos, and Star Wars, rumor has it Donald Glover now plans to man the first solo mission to Jupiter in a hot air balloon before coming back to Earth to host the Oscars while producing a 24-part documentary on the history of the Pacific Ocean (which he’ll also be presenting from a submarine from the sea floor.)

He’s not really, but with his resume thus far it really wouldn’t surprise us if he did. It’s also why he’s our Renaissance Man this year for the Emmys.


Atlanta, that’s why.  The show’s gone from strength to strength since it began in 2016. Glover has won Golden Globes, Emmys, and Primetime Emmys for both his acting and directing of the show. It’s also coming back for a third season next year. The only downside is it’s not until next year. Damn you, Gregorian calendar!

What else is he doing?

As well as being Donald Glover, he’s also Childish Gambino (wait, what?) and you might have seen the recent music video for his song, “This is America” (which at last count has around 375 million views on YouTube alone.)

The video was so influential there are now videos online with nearly as many views as “This is America” itself, just looking at the context and meaning of its many thought-provoking images. Glover himself has held back from explaining the video, telling TMZ “that’s not for me to say”.

Assuming there’s no sinister agenda behind the video’s gratuitous violence, if he was any cooler he’d be filled with ice & beers.

Anything else?

Glover was also in the Han Solo spinoff (fair enough, everyone is allowed a bit of a blip), but he’s also signed on to voice Simba in the reboot of The Lion King which will surely be a small movie that millions upon millions of people won’t go and see.

Next year may see the end of Childish Gambino, as Glover has said he is bored of the project. We can only assume that, looking at his career thus far, he’ll be aiming to take Gambino out on a high. If that means something bigger than “This is America”, we can only imagine what on Earth that would be.


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