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How can you watch 'The Mandalorian' season 2 at home for free? Here are the ways you can watch it for free.

Can’t afford Disney+? Watch ‘The Mandalorian’ season 2 here

Every Friday, Disney Plus offers Star Wars fanatics a brand new episode of their latest television series, The Mandalorian. So far, four episodes of the newest season have already been released. Despite the ambivalent reviews of the latest Star Wars films, The Mandalorian’s first season overwhelmingly satisfied fans and critics alike, and season 2 seems to be meeting these high expectations as well.  

So how can you watch The Mandalorian at home? These episodes drop exclusively on Disney’s streaming service Disney Plus. However, there are still plenty of sites that offer this content without a subscription or payment plant. Let’s take a look at all your best streaming options. 

Disney Plus

The most convenient way to watch The Mandalorian is to simply purchase a subscription plan for Disney Plus. Fortunately, this streaming service won’t snatch too much from your pockets – only charging $6.99 a month. This rate is noticeably cheaper compared to similar services such as Netflix or HBO Max. 

Disney Plus also offers an option for subscribers to pay a $70 fee once a year instead of monthly, which would come at about $5.83 per month. This option would save you about $13.92 as opposed to paying monthly for their subscription.

The final option Disney Plus offers is a package with Hulu and ESPN. Users can pay $12.99 a month to enjoy all three streaming services at once. If you’re an avid TV, film, and sports fan, this bundle is probably your best option. 

Are there free options? 

If you’re hoping to watch the second season of The Mandalorian but can’t afford a monthly subscription, we’ve provided a list of sites that will let you stream the show for free.

However, it’s imperative to note that these sites may not be legal or safe in every location – opt for a Disney Plus subscription if you want to avoid these potential risks. Getting a reliable VPN service is also strongly recommended before accessing these sites to prevent your information getting stolen. Additionally, do not click on any ads on these sites and immediately close any pop up windows. 


Vumoo offers free streaming for a seemingly endless amount of TV shows and movies, including The Mandalorian. While they only organize their films into categories and not TV shows, simply type in the name in the search bar and begin watching.


Fmovies offers all the latest television shows and films with a neat layout that makes it easy to find any content your heart desires. While this site does have a lot of ads, just keep an eye out to avoid clicking on them. Although you don’t have to, you can also sign up for a free, personal account on Fmovies to keep up with their latest content, and the site also allows you to request movies and shows that they haven’t put up yet. 


On Soap2Day there’s no need to create an account in order to enjoy free streaming. If you hate pop-up ads, this site is also perfect for you because they’re non-existent. While the layout may not look as professional compared to all the other sites mentioned, they offer a variety of content that you can find with a simple search. Even sporting event content can be found on Soap2Day such as recordings of NBA playoffs. 


Cmovies is an impressive site that includes an aesthetically pleasing and professional layout. Users can find a film or TV show through genre, the country it was released in, and even by IMDB ratings. You can also request what other movies or shows you want to see released onto this site. Cmovies also gives you the option to stream content in various types of qualities, so you can enjoy The Mandalorian in HD.


MoviesJoy allows you to browse their assortment of TV shows and movies by genre, countries, and IMDB ratings as well. This site also does not include any pop-up ads that will annoy your streaming experience. Their friendly user interface includes all of their latest content and their trending shows and films, making all your streaming desires just one click away! 

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