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Get comfy on the couch, grab your best snacks, and get ready to watch your favorite video games come to CGI life in these top ten movies!

Updated List Of Movies Based On Videos Games

Let’s face it. If you go to see animated movies based on an online video game and are expecting it to be an objectively excellent movie and enjoyable, you’re the sole person responsible for the disappointment. 

It’s similar to playing a carnival-style game known as Face Punches and then demanding your money back after you were punched in the face. Over the past 27 years, since the debut of the first video-game movie, Super Mario Bros. It has never been an outstanding entry in the genre until this moment!

The Sega game that was turned into a huge-screen action movie Sonic the Hedgehog, has achieved a favorable review and has even brought back the distinctive physical comedy style that Jim Carrey’s trademark after a long Serious movie absence.

video game movies

Let’s face it that B-movie quality is usually the topmost level on these types of games. It’s time to stop looking at video game movies in the same way we judge other movies and instead evaluate them only against other movies. 

Street Fighter is always going to be a bit sluggish compared to Die Hard, but when you view it within the context of similar movies, it begins to look pretty. And, hey, that’s something! Here is the list of top 10 movies based on video games.

video game movies

10. Assassin’s Creed (2016)

The creatives behind the movie Assassin’s Creed chose the right path. Ubisoft, the game’s developer, chose to grab the creative responsibilities of the movie and enlist a reliable person with faith in the future of the series. 

The talent naturally was young Hollywood actor Michael Fassbender. What he created with the movie might not be an easy sell at the box office, but it was a prime instance of a game-based video that was well-crafted and with a deep knowledge of the game’s history.

video game movies

9. The Resident Evil Series (2002-2016)

Let your opinion be known regarding Paul W.S. Anderson; however, he built his world within his Resident Evil movie series. The movies are sadly different from the narrative of the games; however, Milla Jovovich has been a bit of a screen icon due to her long-running lead role in the series. 

While they take some liberties in Resident Evil, they aren’t a complete departure from the franchise. The movie’s story-telling is compelling enough to make them an exceptional movie within the genre.

video game movies

8. Warcraft (2016)

World of Warcraft is one of the most loved video game franchises ever. It has a huge fan base and spans generations of kids who, in a few cases, have been playing for a long time. 

Duncan Jones’ take on the series demonstrated possibly at first how a massive enthusiast of an online game gets granted access to the key of a movie franchise. Jones is a vocal WoW fan, and his expertise in the series was evident in the movie.

video game movies

7. Mortal Kombat (2021)

Sure there’s no doubt that this Mortal Kombat reboot was never going to attain the bloody and campy heights of its predecessor from 1995. It’s still a delight for fans who grew up cutting and dicing when combatants were only two-dimensional.

video game movies

6. Tomb Raider (2018)

After Angelina Jolie’s uninspired version of the series in the 2000s’ early years, it appeared as if Tomb Raider would never achieve its full potential on the screen. The entire series is cinematic and, apart from the sexy sexual exploitation and sexism prevalent in the game, it presents the potential for a solid female-led Indiana Jones-style movie series. 

In 2018, Alicia Vikander starred in this darker and more real-world version of Tomb Raider, and she was a master at it.

video game movies

5. Final Fantasy: Advent Children (2005)

Final Fantasy is another major game with an entire subculture of its own. For a long time, fans have wondered what their favorite RPG would appear on the screen. Advent Children, the only movie on this list that isn’t live-action, was the answer in 2005. 

The imaginative and often completely bizarre take on the well-loved Square Enix series used 3D-generated graphics instead of living actors. It truly blurred the lines between gaming and movie.

video game movies

4. Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

If I could award the highest place the song “Speed My Up”–the track from last summer and this summer, and then the summer following that, we would. However, my editor isn’t letting me. 

Instead, props go to the movie, and it was quite a blast for the blue guy despite the months of problems with production. For better or worse, we’ll most likely always keep in mind Sonic the Hedgehog as the final movie we saw in theaters before the outbreak.

video game movies

3. Teen Patti (2010)

Teen Patti is one of the most popular games and animated video game-based movies. Teen Patti is famous among gamblers and it has many variations. Teen Patti has always been the most famous and loved game by gamblers. Many proficient gamblers made too much money by playing Teen Patti. You should try this game.

video game movies

2. Detective Pikachu (2019)

Pokemon as a brand has always been a reliable one. It has cards, television series, and animated movies. And then it’s also the actual game that has defined a whole generation. 

Despite all that being said, when Detective Pikachu was revealed, there were little (rightful) doubts regarding what a live-action movie featuring the beloved characters could appear like. The visuals provide the goods, but Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith are enjoyable.

video game movies

1. Mortal Kombat (1995)

What can we comment on this Mortal Kombat movie that hasn’t already been discussed? It’s campy. It’s exciting. It’s dumb, and it’s brilliant. The spirit of the ’90s is alive in full force in this movie, and to this day, the techno-futuristic-cage-match title still stands as the most satisfying video game movie to date. 

It may not exactly be considered the best “high-art” illustration in this list. However, Mortal Kombat perfectly captured the essence of a franchise and can’t be beaten.

video game movies


Which is your favorite movie based upon video games? Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section below.

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