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'Family Guy' can surely make us laugh and cry! Here are this longstanding sitcom's best episodes ever and the reasons you should go watch them now!

Try not to laugh at ‘Family Guys”s best episodes

We’re lucky there’s a Family Guy! Over the years, the animated satirical sitcom has become a great hit loved across America, (though banned in some countries). Seth MacFarlane’s dark comedy Family Guy is often referred to as racy & outright obnoxious. Entertainment history will document the show as one of the most loved & edgiest sitcoms of all time. 

It’s good to be serious. We need to be serious sometimes but it’s also important to simply have some fun! To remind everyone of the show’s success, we’ve gathered some of Family Guy’s best episodes. 

Now, remember that our list is entirely subjective, so please don’t take it to heart. This list will only show you some of the best episodes to grace our screens. 

“Blue Harvest”

It’s no secret that some of the minds behind the Family Guy are huge Star Wars fans. One of the best episodes has a little fun with the old & popular franchise. They gave the fans a two-part hilarious recreation of Episode IV: A New Hope. The episode was named Blue Harvest, honoring the working title of the original movie. 

“Blue Harvest”’s success paved the way for the retelling of the original trilogy that became known as the “Laugh It Up, Fuzzball” trilogy. The first episode earned the highest rating and stays above the rest of the reimagined Star Wars series. 


“Petarded” might not have aged very well, although in all fairness, Family Guy has never been PC friendly. In this episode, Peter (Seth MacFarlane) took an IQ test to prove he was a genius, only for the test to reveal he’s the polar opposite. Peter found out that he could be legally classified as having an intellectual disability. 

It doesn’t take long for Peter to realize he could use it to his advantage. (We do not encourage this!) In one of the show’s best episodes, Peter has fun getting away with things he would normally never get away with, but of course, things went too far. 

His wife Lois was brutally burnt in the midst of Peter’s antics and their children were taken away by Child Protective Services. The episode is still highly rated amongst fans & critics alike. 

“Road to the North Pole”

For anyone who believed in Santa Claus as a child, have you ever wondered what it would be like to really go to the North Pole and visit Santa’s workshop? Even having known Santa Claus is merely a fictional character, it would still be nice to visit the North Pole, right? Of course, one of the best episodes of Family Guy had to feature Brian & Stewie on one of their adventures. 

The road trip & musical episode consists of Stewie trying to kill Santa Claus. Why? Because he’s Stewie! 

Not only did we get to see an ominous take on Santa’s workshop that fans never forgot, but we also got a whole lot of funny & disturbing moments. It was left up to Brian & Stewie to take Santa’s place because he was sickly. In the midst of trying to ruin Christmas, the pair tried to deliver the presents with literally no success. 

“Road to Rhode Island”

True Family Guy fans know “Road to Rhode Island” as the first episode showing the iconic pair of Brian & Stewie embarking on an adventure together. Brian volunteers to pick Stewie up from Lois’s parents after his therapist suggests taking some time away for himself, dealing with his abandonment problems. 

But it wouldn’t be Family Guy if things didn’t fall apart at some point. Brian & Stewie get lost and are forced to find their way back home. Their moments made one of the show’s best episodes for a reason. 

There’s more that deserved to be on this list! Tell us which Family Guy episodes you think are the best!

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