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What role did Chris Watts girlfriend Kessinger play in the murders? That is if she played a role at all? Here’s everything you need to know.

Did Chris Watts’s girlfriend play a role in murder? What you want to know

The murder of the Watts family is absolutely horrifying. Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife and their two daughters. For a time after those murders, he pretended like they were missing and begged for them to come home safely. In short, Chris Watts is a monster. That can be agreed upon. 

While he spends the rest of his life in prison, people are still speculating on the events that led to this horrific crime. There are a lot of factors in it, of course, but, in the lead-up to the murder of his family, Watts was having an affair with Nichol Kessinger. Some believe that she’s just as culpable for the Watts murders as Chris himself.

Is she? What role did Kessinger play in the murders? That is if she played a role at all? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Did Chris Watt’s girlfriend know what he was planning?

In simple terms? No, she didn’t know what Watts was planning to do to his family. Kessinger believed that Watts was at the end of divorce proceedings, so she didn’t realize there was an issue to be had. She thought that she was in love with a man who she believed to be her soulmate. She has no clue the lies Watts was telling to her and to others.

When Kessinger heard Watts’ family was missing, that’s when she started to get suspicious of her boyfriend. Yes, she didn’t want to believe her gut instinct at first, but as time passed, she grew more suspicious of him.

What role did Chris Watt’s girlfriend play in his arrest?

Kessinger wanted to help police in their investigation into the Watts’ family. She said to police, “I wonder if there’s more to this story than I know because I think he’s a really good guy, and you know, I’m worried about his wife and kids. And it’s just freaking me out because those little girls are just so little, and she’s pregnant, you know? And it’s like where’s their mom?”

Kessinger was devastated when she heard of the news about Watts leading police to the grave of his wife and children. “Ugh, he’s so disgusting. I’m so ashamed of him. Why, why, why? How? I don’t even understand how you can like bring yourself to do that to somebody who is like that big.”

Kessinger has no desire to see or talk to Watts after what he did to his family. For the rest of her life, she’ll have to live with the man who she was briefly in love with killing his entire family in order to be with her. 

While people think it’s suspicious that Kessinger deleted her social media after Watts’ arrest, it really isn’t. Her name was out there in the public in a big way. She was dealing with the fact that Chris Watts was one of the worst kinds of monsters out there. Everyone on the internet tends to have an opinion on everything. If she needed time to get her head together, then she should have it.

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  • I feel NK had some notion of what was going on. She insisted, pushed and pressured CW to take hold of being number 1 in his life. Her phone pinged at Frederick the morning of the murders, the ONLY time phone records showed this location. She continuously lied to police after deleting phone content. And continued to delete searches after the interviews. She was curious and obsessed with Shanann’s life before she met CW. A few days before killings she searched for wedding gowns for hours. She was planning on taking Shanann’s place… soon. She knew Shanann was pregnant! But again lied about that too. If she admitted to knowing more than what she was offering she’d have to be considered disgusting herself which she is.

    August 25, 2020
  • forgot to add, lol… that he is no different, they are both a big waste in this earth. they dont deserve being a white privilege life. i do hope both are suffering.

    August 25, 2020
  • You know, I have been loosely following this case as a forensics student (now grad student) and like everyone, I have been interested in this. First and foremost, I think it is utterly tragic what the whole family experienced and will experience the rest of their days. I can only imagine how both sides of the family are feeling at this moment.
    There are some things that do come into mind, as I recently watched the documentary this past weekend. One: I read one document where the family had declared bankruptcy a few years prior. Two: it seemed as though in the text messages provided that Shanann did not get along with Chris’ parents…at all. Three: what if the girlfriend had a small role in this?
    Earlier in the documentary it was noted that Chris was very passive. So…can’t help but wonder if he was manipulated in some way? Back to the financial issue…where there life insurance policies involved? This can be a factor as well. I just feel that there is still more to the story, and I think the girlfriend may have helped. Thinking about the forensics: there are no defensive wounds on Chris, they’re saying she didn’t fight back. Given from what was displayed and her personality; I don’t think she would be so passive. It also seemed that the girlfriend followed the wife on social media (from search history). It would seem she knew more about her. In my opinion, I think Chris is taking most of the blame and the girlfriend had more of a role than we will probably ever know.

    October 5, 2020
  • I seldom watch the news so I did not follow this case when it first occurred in 2018.

    A friend of mine told me she had seen a disturbing documentary on Netflix which peaked my interest.

    Since then I have watched all things Shanann and Chris Watts.

    It is my opinion that Chris either had help and/or was certainly encouraged to get rid of his wife. He was described by many as being passive. I think he was dominated for so many years by his Mother and Shanann. He was probably never allowed to have a say in anything and Shanann’s constant belittling was unbearable. I think his Mother constantly nagged him about Shanann and Shanann constantly nagged him about his Mother (Family).

    I think deep down over time he hated both of them.

    Then along comes Kessinger, who I think is more devious that the other two women in his life. She is manipulative and seductive which is far more dangerous than the constant nagging/belittling. But to him he sees her traits as good and theirs as bad. I think Kessinger begins brainwashing Chris from the very beginning.

    When he has the 5 weeks alone with Kessinger while Shanann and girls are in NC, he gets a taste of freedom while the venomous Kessinger is subtly wrapping him up in her web. Also, during that 5 weeks he is having to deal with the fight between Shanann and his Mother. I think by the time he arrived in NC for that last week he had checked out mentally, they (Shanann, His Mother and Kessinger) had broke him. But did he get a peaceful week off in NC??? No…. The nagging from his mother and Shanann had only intensified.

    Once the Watts family arrived back home, I think Kessinger put the squeeze on Chris even tighter to choose. So he chose. Not sure why the kids had to be killed but I am sure Kessinger’s grip on him had a great deal to do with that choice.

    If you watch the videos of Chris during the house search and surveillance camera video viewings you can slowly see a look of what the crap have I done. I think the old passive Chris woke up and in his Chris Watts nature he totally took the blame for it all.

    October 12, 2020
  • i whole heartedly agree. The mistress is evil and she must have known his wife was pregnant too. Females are better than the FBI. She should go to jail too. She is just as much a monster as he is.

    October 14, 2020
  • I agree. What a truly evil twisted young woman. Karma is going to be coming for you stealth and deadly. Your life is doomed :(

    October 24, 2020
  • Wow! I think all these comments above say about the people who wrote them. Wat a bunch of negativity! Poor Nichol. She fell for the wrong guy and has to deal with that. Good luck girl! I don’t envy you. At all!

    October 26, 2020
  • I think nikki did help Chris she already lied to police and messaged her friend charlotte telling her how shanann’s kids made her feel unconfutable and that she didn’t wanna be second best so yeah she helped him the dirty whore!!!

    November 10, 2020

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