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The missing kid in Idaho Michael Vaughan has yet to be found. Learn about the latest details in the case.

Will missing kid Michael Joseph Vaughan ever be found?

The case of Michael J. Vaughan, the five-year-old missing Idaho kid, continues into the end of another month. The family of the missing kid, meanwhile, continues to live a family’s worst sort of nightmare. It definitely makes us wonder if Michael Vaughan will ever be found. As the months pass and the search for the kid grows more & more frantic, he still has yet to be found.

Have you heard about the case of the missing Michael Vaughan? What are the latest details in the search efforts to find the boy? How has this missing kid not been found yet? The case continues to develop, but we’ll give you every detail that you need to know about the search efforts as September winds down. Remember to keep your eyes open as well. Who knows what clue could break this case wide open?

The basics of the Michael Vaughan case

Michael was last seen in Fruitland, Idaho near his home on July 27, 2021 around 6:30pm or 7:00pm. Michael was last seen wearing a blue Minecraft t-shirt, black & dark blue boxer briefs with lime green trim, and blue flip-flops. Search efforts still continue for the missing boy and haven’t really abated since he was reported missing back in July of this year.

Fruitland PD has made the case a major priority. We’re willing to bet that those in Idaho are doing their best to keep an eye out for the missing kid along with help in the search efforts as well. As for how Michael disappeared so easily? Honestly, you take your eyes off a child for a minute and then they’re gone. This is, unfortunately, a common factor in any missing person’s cases.

In September, however, there’s a new avenue to search: fields and farms. It’s harvest season in the state, which means that while farmers were getting their corn fields harvested, they were also looking for any evidence for the missing kid as well. Basically, any avenue that needs to be considered, then the small Fruitland police department is going to consider it. 

Did they find anything in the cornfields? 

Since Michael Vaughan disappeared the police have received about 450 tips regarding the case, which are being investigated. Many of those in contact with the police department, expressed concern that the missing kid could have ended up in the cornfields. According to the Fruitland PD, “those fields have been harvested and cleared leaving no trace of Michael.”

Currently, there is a reward fund set up for any tips that lead to Michael being found. Fruitland Police Chief JD Huff said to the Argus Observer, “Our hope behind that is that it may motivate somebody that has information to share it with us. Obviously, we are looking for the safe return of the child — that’s our goal and continues to be our hope.”

Who do I contact if I have a tip about the case? 

Michael J. Vaughan is about three foot seven inches and five years old. He’s caucasian, blonde, has blue eyes, and weighs about fifty pounds. Vaughan also responds to his nickname “Monkey”. People who have information can call Crime Stoppers of Southwest Idaho or email 

If you have seen anyone who looks like the above picture of Michael Vaughan, then we’re urging you to call or send in a direct tip. Fruitland Police are actively investigating every tip, and all Michael’s family wants is for their son to come home. So please be on the lookout if you see a child that matches the above description. 

What do you think about the latest developments in the Michael Vaughan case? Will this missing kid ever be found? Let us know in the comments.

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  • A man and woman both work at CPS robert braniff and susan braniff.
    I’ve made complaints that were ignored.
    I saw the boys name on papers at Susan’s desk referencing michael joseph vaughan maybe her and robert braniff are involved.

    September 28, 2021
    • Ashley, would you be willing to discuss privately with me about your comment?

      April 3, 2022

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