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Have you heard about the active investigation for a missing child in Idaho? Learn the details about the disappearance of Michael Vaughan.

Who is Michael Vaughan? Learn all about the missing child in Idaho

A parents’ worst nightmare tends to come down to something, anything, bad happening to their child. But there is a special hell involved when your child just . . . vanishes. Over in Idaho, a missing child case enters its fourth week, and a family is desperately searching for answers as to what happened to their loved one. Despite the frantic searching, it looks like no one will be able to give them what they need.

What is going on with the Idaho missing child case? Who is Michael Vaughan? And under what circumstances did this five year-old child disappear? The case is still developing, but we’ll give you every detail that you need to know about the case. More importantly, keep your kids close because the Vaughan disappearance, like so many, is a reminder of just how quickly your life can change.

The search for Michael Vaughan

Five-year-old Michael Joseph Vaughan was an average kid. His family gave him the nickname of Monkey. In his missing persons posters, the small child grins brightly and looks, for all the world, like a sweet little boy. Then he disappeared from the small town of Fruitland, Idaho on July 27th. Suddenly, everyone was staring at the picture of the smiling missing child. 

It seems like everyone descended on the town. Fruitland only has 5,4000 residents with only 12 police officers on its force. In short order, a dozen local agencies, the FBI, state & county police, descended upon Fruitland, Idaho in order to search for the missing child. They’ve searched over 3,000 acres of land, hundreds of residences, and 29 miles of the Snake River, which borders Idaho & Oregon, in their search. 

Mayor Brian Howell said of the search efforts that “everyone is looking for him”. On the investigations, Howell said “They’re literally leaving no stone unturned. They’re draining canals, they’re checking homes. They’re doing everything that they can do”. With thousands of hours spent searching for Michael, distressingly little has come up in the way of clues.

What do we know so far?

As this is an active investigation of a missing child, details are scarce so police can focus on the case. We do know that Michael was last seen in Fruitland, Idaho near his home on July 27, 2021 around 6:30pm or 7:00pm. Michael was last seen wearing a blue Minecraft t-shirt, black & dark blue boxer briefs with lime green trim, and blue flip-flops. Search efforts continue for the missing boy.

Speaking at a news conference, Fruitland police chief J.D. Huff said, “I have to tell you that I spent my entire childhood in the neighborhood where Michael went missing. My children are growing up here, my law enforcement partners are mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles or friends of children just like Michael. We are all in, and we are committed to finding Michael”. 

Unsurprisingly, Michael Vaughan’s family has been trying to keep efforts focused on bringing their missing child home. Brandi Neal, Michael’s mother, wrote on Facebook, “The outpouring care, time, love and support has been beyond anything we could imagine! This unimaginable nightmare is beyond words I can express!” Fruitland officials said that the Vaughan family has been cooperating with police.

What do I need to know about the case?

Michael J. Vaughan is about three foot seven inches and five years old. He’s caucasian, blonde, has blue eyes, and weighs about fifty pounds. Vaughan also responds to his nickname “Monkey”. People who have information can call Crime Stoppers of Southwest Idaho or email

If you have seen anyone who looks like the above picture of Michael Vaughan, then we’re urging you to call or send in a direct tip. Fruitland Police are actively investigating every tip, and all Michael’s family wants is for their son to come home. 

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