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Has 'Selling Sunset' cast member Amanza found her missing ex Ralph Brown? Learn the details in a new court filing from the reality TV star.

‘Selling Sunset’: Has cast member Amanza Smith found her missing ex?

Living through a disappearance is, perhaps, one of the most difficult things that a person has to do. After all, with death, you get at least some sense of closure. You know where the person is, or, at least you know where their body is. But a disappearance? One day a person that you love is there and the next they’re gone. Then you have to live in the aftermath of that disappearance.

Currently, Selling Sunset cast member Amanza Smith is living something like that. People know her from the beloved Netflix reality series, where she works as the in-hour interior designer for the Oppenheim Group. Smith made her first appearance on the series back in season 2 and has remained a presence on the series since then. Of course, however, her real life is filled with a real-life mystery.

The Selling Sunset cast member’s ex-husband, former NFL player Ralph Brown has been missing for a time. Brown was a cornerback who played for teams such as the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, and Arizona Cardinals. He played for ten seasons in the NFL after playing college football at the University of Nebraska. And, apparently, Ralph Brown has been missing for months. Or has he?

Where is Ralph Brown? 

Amanza Smith, Brown’s ex-wife, said that she hasn’t heard or seen Brown since a chance encounter in Nov. 2019. The former couple has two children together. In a Feb. 2021 interview with People, Smith said that Brown’s disappearance has definitely impacted her and their children, who are 11 & 10. She has been looking for Brown since he had gone missing back in 2019, close to two years.

Smith said, “I think I was in go, go, go mode for so long after it happened that I hadn’t even really had a chance to process it fully. I was just trying to pick up the pieces and get our lives together. But now that things are more settled, I’m just on a mission to figure out what the hell is going on.” In a new court filing in July 2021, however, the Selling Sunset star gave more details and, apparently, has a good idea of where her ex is.

In the court filing, Smith is seeking sole physical & legal custody of their children. She also includes that she wants to approve whether Brown can visit the kids. In the filing, she revealed that Brown had not paid child support for their children, a son & daughter, in five years. In Sept. 2019, Brown had sent Smith an email saying that he “did not have the stability nor finances to keep the kids.”

Wait, Amanza Smith knows where Ralph Brown is?

According to Smith, she doesn’t have any evidence to say definitively where her ex-husband is, but she had an idea. She said to E! Online, “I have made several efforts to have him located, and do believe I may have a good idea as to where he is (although I have no confirmed factual knowledge).” Smith has filed two missing person reports on Brown and hired a private investigator back in Feb. 2021. 

According to Smith, the P.I. was able to locate her ex. The Selling Sunset cast member said, “I was told that Ralph was seen going into a building holding hands with a woman, and that he looked fine. That hit me so hard emotionally, going from fear and concern to the realization that he was likely okay, but just didn’t care about our kids, that I went into a depression and could hardly get out of bed for three days.”

The next hearing for the custody arrangement is set for Sept. 29. Brown can always try to contest things (and, like, let people know he’s alive), but given everything? We don’t know if he’s going to show up. 

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