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It’s been a month since Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested for sex trafficking with Jeffrey Epstein. Here are some internet theories about Maxwell.

If Jeffrey Epstein was murdered: Internet theories about Ghislaine Maxwell

It’s been a month since Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested for sex trafficking. It’s also been almost a year since Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Both Maxwell & Epstein were convicted for sex trafficking minors & abusing them.

Even though Epstein’s death was ruled as a suicide, many people think he was actually murdered. This theory ignited because the circumstances of Epstein’s death were too much of a coincidence in some aspects. It’s been pointed out how strange it is that the two cameras outside of Epstein’s cell malfunctioned so there’s no record of what happened at his time of death.

After Maxwell’s arrest, people began wondering if she would face a similar situation as Epstein. Recently, Ghislaine Maxwell herself has expressed concern about being murdered.

The conspiracy theory surrounding Epstein’s death suggests he was killed to prevent exposing other people who abused the minors trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell. Those who defend this theory conjecture that if Epstein was indeed murdered, it was done to prevent more information from leaking or as a way to punish him.

JoeBenét’s photograph

Aside from her notorious connection to Jeffrey Epstein, people have begun to suspect Maxwell was involved in other crimes. Recently, a theory sparked on Twitter suggesting Ghislaine Maxwell was involved in the murder of JonBenét Ramsey.

It all started when a photograph of Ramsey resurfaced, showing a person who looks like Ghislaine Maxwell in the bottom left corner. The identity of the person in the photo hasn’t been confirmed. The photograph also isn’t the last one taken of Ramsey so even if the person in the photo was Maxwell the photograph wouldn’t be enough to prove Maxwell had anything to do with the murder.

It’s also been noted how there aren’t many photos of Ghislaine Maxwell from December 1996 when Ramsey was murdered. So far, there isn’t any evidence for or against the theory suggesting Maxwell was close to Ramsey at the moment of her death though this hasn’t been enough to drop the theory. 

Haddon, Morgan, and Foreman

Conspiracists have found another link between Ghislaine Maxwell & JonBenét Ramsey besides the photograph. Both Ramsey & Maxwell were represented by the same law firm: Haddon, Morgan, and Foreman. 

However, this fact doesn’t prove any substantial connection between Maxwell & Ramsey either. The two of them had different lawyers for their cases. Furthermore, both of the cases happened twenty years apart from each other, so it’s not likely Ramsey & Maxwell met via the law firm. 

Maxwell & Hutcherson

Another theory suggests Ghislaine Maxwell had ties with Bill Hutcherson who was supposedly the President of Operations at Wayfair the online furniture store. Wayfair has recently become entangled with another child sex-trafficking theory.

Even though there is a photograph of Maxwell & Hutcherson, the theory doesn’t connect either of them to the Wayfair scandal. First, there’s no indication of any person under the name Hutcherson working for Wayfair. Second, the President of Operations position doesn’t exist at Wayfair.

Hutcherson is the owner of his own brand which sells custom luxury watches. Maxwell & Hutcherson’s photograph together is in fact from the opening of Hutcherson’s New York store in 2003.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell going to be murdered?

None of these theories present conclusive evidence showing Maxwell’s connection to other big scandals. However, her arrest brought to light more evidence tying other public figures to Epstein & Maxwell’s crimes. 

Even though there’s not enough evidence to prove Epstein was murdered it’s an extremely popular theory. The New York Post reported the testimony of one of Maxwell’s close friends, saying even Ghislaine Maxwell thinks Epstein was murdered. Maxwell’s friend also mentioned that she received death threats before her arrest. 

All in all, Ghislaine Maxwell does have a few reasons to worry about her well being considering what happened to Epstein a year ago. Even if the theories about her connection to Ramsey or Hutcherson are false, her alleged actions are more than enough to earn some enemies – especially those who might be involved in Maxwell & Epstein’s crimes.

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