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A well known staple of Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilic island is a blue-striped temple. Let's investigate the strange Epstein island temple.

Jeffrey Epstein’s island: What’s the story behind his random temple?

A well known staple of Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilic island, a blue-striped temple has long haunted those aware of its existence. Some believe it leads to an underground sex dungeon; others believe it’s somehow religious – and some certainly buy into both those theories. But the reality is very few know why Jeffrey Epstein had a random temple built on Little St. James. 

When Epstein was arrested in 2019, the rumors only grew in size, as people wanted to know what happened on the infamous island. There are numerous reports of what went down inside Epstein’s island temple, from the structure simply being used a mundane study, to the complex functioning as a cage for Epstein’s sex-trafficked underage victims.

With so many conflicting stories, it’s hard to know for certain what the truth is without going into the temple yourself. This is just a fraction of the first-hand accounts from experiences inside the temple on Little St. James, so feel free to make your own judgement of what Epstein used his mysterious island temple for. 

Boring old study

Probably the least exciting story is Epstein used the mysterious island temple as his private study. Insider followed a tip from a reader to track down a piano tuner in the Virgin Islands, Patrick Baron, who claims they went inside the mysterious striped building. According to Baron, the interior of the temple looked like your typical study.

Within the walls of the temple were floor-to-ceiling bookcases, a wooden desk, a baby grand piano, and a random portrait of Epstein and the Pope. However, Baron visited the island in 2012, and when he went to Little St. James, he didn’t enter a building with blue and white stripes & painted arches.

NBC News also obtained copies of the proposal for the temple from the Department of Planning and Natural Resources. In the original plans for the temple on Little St. James, the building was octagonal and intended to be a grand music hall – hence why Epstein decided to keep his piano in the building.

While it seems plausible people would assume a piano is in that building, a lot of the details fail to add up – so doubt clouds the conclusion that the temple was primarily used as a study or music room. 

Unused building

Two men from We Are Change, an anti-corruption news organization, snuck onto Epstein’s island back in October of 2019 and brought a camera with them to give the world a peek. While the pair weren’t able to enter the temple itself, Luke Rudkowski & Jeff Berwick took a good look around the exterior and made some interesting observations. 

“It’s just a flat wall — the wall is painted,” Berwick notes in the video. “It almost looked like a Hollywood set.” A drone video from July 2019 by Rusty Shackleford shows the giant wooden door is just painted on as well. However, Shackleford gives us a peek inside the mysterious temple atop Little St. James.

Shackleford’s footage, taken from the drone hovering outside a window, reveals two beds near the door and construction equipment strewn about. Shackleford did another drone flyby of the temple in August 2019, this time levitating next to a sliding glass door to take a look inside. Within the temple there was a plastic-wrapped mattress, exposed wiring, and scattered pieces of broken wood. 

It’s possible Epstein never used his mysterious temple and was in the process of trying to turn it into a guest house or something else at the time he was arrested. However, various eyewitnesses who were on Little St. James in the past have shared what they saw in the temple, so it’s unlikely the building wasn’t already being used.

Sex dungeon

When most major publications asked architects about their opinion on Epstein’s island temple, many drew attention to a small structure near the temple rather than the temple itself. Conspiracy theorists have argued for years that the building was the entrance to an underground cavern, which led to the temple. 

While some point to the lack of Epstein registering any elevator construction with authorities (to keep track of maintenance), Epstein could easily have kept a secret lift off the books. On the other hand, researchers familiar with occult symbolism point to the blue and white stripes, the temple’s shape, and many other design details well known as symbols within secret societies, some with supposed satanist connotations.

The Little St. James temple functioning as a sex dungeon and/or Luciferian temple is probably the most common theory out there. It doesn’t hurt that the We Are Change video also shows the two men stumbling upon an underground bunker on the island. They also discovered numerous massage rooms around the island; Epstein allegedly made his underaged victims massage him before he assaulted them. 

Given the presence of two beds inside the temple, it’s easy to understand why internet sleuths are convinced Epstein used his secret island temple as some sort of sex torture chamber. Plus, the fake doors make it look like anyone going inside is trapped there – as the lock is on the outside. 

We may never know the true purpose of Epstein’s island temple. It seems the temple was torn apart those who raided Little St. James, so any evidence of the temple’s true purpose has been erased as far as we know.

If you want to see more than just the strange temple on Epstein’s island, you can take a tour of Little St. James by looking at these creepy photos here.

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