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Want to see the interior design & layout of Jeffrey Epstein’s homes? Here’s a look at Epstein’s properties and what he spent his net worth on.

Jeffrey Epstein’s homes: These pics give a glimpse at life inside

It’s been over a year since Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on charges of sex trafficking. On August 10th, 2020 it was announced that Epstein took his own life in his jail cell. However, this wasn’t the conclusion of the horrid Jeffrey Epstein saga. 

Former financier Epstein was known for more than his sexual misconduct – he was well known for his significant wealth. An alleged $600 million net worth enabled a lavish lifestyle and supported the various properties he owned, including a whole private island, Little St. James.

Want to see the interior design & layout of Jeffrey Epstein’s homes? Here’s a look at Epstein’s properties and what he spent his net worth on.

Upper East Side townhouse

This townhouse was known as one of the most expensive homes in the area and is on the market for a whopping $88 million. Epstein’s former mentor, Les Wexner, gifted him the lavish home. (And if you think there were no strings attached, please consider purchasing the Lincoln Tunnel from Film Daily in our online store.) 

Luckily for our and your prurient sensibilities, the FBI raided the house last year. What’s inside will definitely send shivers down your spine.

Massage table

The townhouse wasn’t the only home Epstein owned which had a massage table. As discussed in the Netflix documentary Filthy Rich, massage tables were used to entice girls to perform sexual acts on an allegedly very demanding Jeffrey Epstein. 

Bill Clinton painting

Clinton & Epstein’s relationship has been explored quite a bit recently. Flight logs to Little St. James suggest Clinton travelled to Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island on numerous occasions. This painting further cemented their rather odd relationship and gives us the creeps.

R-rated imagery

Jeffrey Epstein was known for his unusual decorating tastes. The explicit paintings are enough to make your stomach churn, after diving into who he was and the crimes he allegedly committed. Sexually suggestive artwork littered the New York townhouse.

Palm Beach

Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach property is one of his oldest houses. This particular home was searched by local law enforcement in 2008 – taking place years before official charges were implemented. 

Even more unusual artwork

Epstein had a rather disturbing talent for procuring artwork that leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth. This painting portrays a nude person in distress, hunched over. Could this reflect his vile kinks?

Part-time dentist

This image of dental equipment makes our skin crawl. Did Epstein have “part-time dentist” on his CV? It’s a fully professional dental setup, including a drill and magnifying glass. What on earth could Jeffrey Epstein be doing with apparatus such as this? We don’t even want to know. 

Hear no evil – see no evil

This blindfolded statue is another disturbing representation of a vulnerable person crouching in pain and/or fear. We’re relatively certain this represents Epstein’s creepy & disturbing personal life. 

Would you be willing to purchase any of Epstein’s infamous homes? Let us know your thoughts.

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