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Jeffrey Epstein has a massive accumulated wealth and used it to buy numerous homes. Here are all the properties he owned across the world.

How many houses did Jeffrey Epstein own? Here are all his properties

Thanks to his $600 million net worth, Jeffrey Epstein owned many luxury properties around the world. Epstein allegedly sexually abused young women & girls at these multimillion-dollar estates, as claimed by many of his survivors like Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

As more of Epstein’s victims have spoken out against the convicted sex offender, police have raided many of Epstein’s properties as a part of their investigation. Here’s everything you need to know about Epstein’s ambitious real estate portfolio. 

Epstein’s Palm Beach residence

This Palm Beach house is one of Epstein’s oldest properties, as he bought it in 1990 for $2.5 million. Now worth $22 million, the house is located on 358 El Brillo Way and has nine bedrooms, according to the New York Times

The Palm Beach residence was searched in 2008, leading to an indictiment for Epstein on prostitution charges. Police found nude photos, sex toys & paraphanillia, and more strange objects, according to The Daily Beast

Upper East Side Townhouse

Known as the Herbert N. Straus House, Epstein’s New York mansion can be found on 9 East 71st Street in Manhattan. The estate, one of the most expensive in the area, was raided by the FBI on July 8, 2019. 

Upon investigating, the FBI discovered it was allegedly Epstein’s prime location to abuse young women & girls. According to Town & Country Magazine, they found a multitude of strange items, including a mural of a prison yard, a massage table, a room covered in leather, numerous nude photographs, and a life-sized female doll hanging from a chandelier.

Epstein obtained the townhouse when billionaire businessman Les Wexner transferred it to Epstein for free, Town & Country Magazine reported. The $88 million mansion is seven stories tall and has forty rooms, making it “one of the largest single-family homes in New York”, according to the New York Times.

New Mexico Ranch

Located in Stanley, New Mexico, Epstein named this estate Zorro Ranch after purchasing it from the family of former New Mexico governor Bruce King in 1993. It holds a 26,700 square-foot house, an airplane hangar, and a landing strip. 

A number of women have come forward, claiming to have been sexually abused by Epstein on the estate, including Virginia Roberts Giuffre & Annie Farmer, as reported by Town & Country Magazine. Farmer claims both Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell inappropriately touched & harassed her on Zorro Ranch when she was 15. 

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, State Attorney General Hector Balderas opened an investigation against Epstein in July 2019 because of these allegations.

Little St. Jeff’s

Little St. James Island has received many unfortunate nicknames over the years, including “Pedophile Island”, “Island of Sin”, and “Orgy Island”. Located in the Virgin Islands, Epstein allegedly brought young women & girls to the island by his private jet, which also had a suspicious nickname: The Lolita Express

Epstein bought the 72-acre private island in 1998. According to Town & Country Magazine, Epstein would visit the property two to three times a month during the 2000s, occasionally bringing high-profile politicians, socialites, & celebrities, including Prince Andrew & Bill Clinton. 

In 2016, Epstein obtained Great St. James, a 165-acre island he bought for $18 million. However, Epstein received a stop work order for unauthorized construction. The Virgin Islands Daily News reported Epstein planned to build a “complex of buildings”, including an amphitheater, gardens, cottages, an “underwater office & pool”, and more. 

Exclusive Paris apartment

When Epstein was arrested in July 2019, he had been returning to the U.S. on his private jet from Paris. Epstein frequently visited Paris and owned an apartment on 22 Avenue Foch near the Arc de Triomphe. 

French police seached the luxury apartment in September 2019 due to sex trafficking allegations against Epstein, according to The Guardian.

Epstein’s butler told Franceinfo the apartment had a custom-built massage room. The butler also claimed he frequently saw women arrive at the apartment, but he couldn’t determine whether the guests were minors or adults.

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