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Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs have been a source of public fascination; what could a new release tell us about him?

Jeffrey Epstein flight logs: What to expect from the new drop

As days go by, it becomes hard to imagine a news report without the name “Jeffrey Epstein” appearing somewhere in the headlines. Epstein isn’t about to leave the spotlight anytime soon, especially with the latest flight log information drop. In fact, some claim that the new list will make the last list “look like a post-it note”. 

Epstein has been gaining enormous media attention – especially for a deceased man. While awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges last year, Epstein killed himself, causing many to wonder: “Was Epstein hiding something important?” Jeffrey Epstein is known to have traveled substantially, often with some of the world’s most powerful people.


Although the abuse carried out by Epstein occurred in various places, the main site of the misconduct was thought to occur aboard Epstein’s private aircrafts and on his Caribbean island, Little St. James. After Epstein’s suicide, U.S. Virgin Islands attorney general requested complete logs for every flight made from 1998 up until his death. (Oops, a lot of people are about to get into trouble.)

Included in the flight log request are four helicopters & three planes. Logs from 2009 revealed important figures aboard Epstein’s aircrafts such as Prince Andrew & Bill Clinton, who both deny any knowledge of Epstein’s crimes. With names like these, one can only imagine which other important figures are about to be thrown under the bus. 

The logs of 2009 didn’t include flights made by pilot Larry Visoski who had worked for Epstein for more than twenty-five years. However, these logs will finally be released and many people are about to face consequences – something we’ll all enjoy seeing. In addition to these logs, investigators are seeking personal notes made by the pilots and “complaints or reports of potentially suspicious conduct”.

Parked & stationery

Prosecutors claim Epstein’s main plane, a Boeing 727 referred to as the Lolita Express, was the main site where the sexual abuse occurred. They allege the plane was used to fly sex trafficking victims between New York, New Mexico, Paris, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Epstein’s waterfront mansion in Palm Beach.

The plane’s final flight took place in 2016; the plane’s engines have been stripped & sold, and it’s currently unregistered.

Since the infamous Epstein trial, the only former associate to face charges is his ex-girlfriend & alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell who was arrested in New Hampshire this past July. She’s being held on charges of enticement of minors, sex trafficking, and perjury. Maxwell’s trial will begin in July 2021.

After many years of investigation justice is finally being served in regards to the Jeffrey Epstein case. The case is about to become heated as the new flight log information about to drop, and powerful figures are set to be taken down. 

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