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Love for true crime stories shouldn't be a guilty pleasure. Looking for the best true crime podcasts? Check this list out and listen to all of them.

Keep the lights on and listen to the best true crime podcasts of all time

Honestly, the world of podcasts can very well be considered its own universe. But none of us can deny that true crime absolutely dominates the podcasting world. Perhaps it began with the vast success of 2014’s Serial and now, people can spend an entire day debating the best true crime podcasts. 

Usually, the conversations will revolve around fearless investigative reporters immersing themselves in a criminal case (sometimes iconic cases but they’re often cold ones). Viewers will listen as investigators shed new light on the case throughout a multi-part documentary. They’ll go places that even television shows and movies are likely to never visit. 

The best true crime podcasts know that crime isn’t just about dead bodies, they come in topics across the spectrum, keeping everyone in mind. Whether you’re sitting at home on your bed or couch, or driving on the go (perhaps on a road trip), the beauty of living in the twenty-first century is being able to take your entertainment with you wherever. We’ve gathered some of the best true crime podcasts of this year! Don’t forget to share your favorites in the comments below!


Fans of Comedy Central’s Drunk History might appreciate this the most. Hosts Hannah Maguire and Surithi Bala met at a party one day, and drunkenly bonded over their love for true crime, hence starting their podcast RedHanded.

Tune in to their well-researched hour-long examinations of several crimes of the week. But what fans love the most about this true-crime podcast series is that it traces the duo bonding and becoming friends. You just never know what may come from the collaboration of strangers. 

Morning Cup of Murder

Perhaps the thought of a cup of poison has been summoned to your mind? The contents of that cup being hinted at via a little skeleton face? Named one of the best true crime podcasts, Morning Cup of Murder is a beautifully researched limited series with greatly detailed hour-plus individual episodes. They’ve been said to bring a “profound impact” on the global consciousness.

The public can appreciate something that not only entertains us but pushes us to think. Morning Cup of Murder outlines details of murders that occured on that day in history. It’s easy to look at major events making the news headlines as being the only things making history but they’re not. History is made every day and you’ll be surprised to learn past horrific stories happening on days we consider “average” or “normal”. 


Perhaps you’re looking for a particular niche? Firebug is one of the best true crimes for anyone looking for stories that are a little more focused on a particular arena. 

Kary Antholis has given fans an iconic arson-themed podcast that centers on a truly compelling mystery: “the series of California wildfires in the ‘80s and ‘90s for which nobody was convicted, and a poorly-received manuscript for a novel that investigators came to believe to be an oblique confession.” It’s what you would call a “gripping story”. 

We’re familiar with the climate change reason for wildfires but rarely, do we think of individual criminals committing such acts. Now, the arsonist’s identity can easily be found via a brief Google search. But it’s much better to hold off on that search and let the story play out naturally to you. We know you’ll be quite pleased with such a decision. 

Hunting Ghislaine

It’s 2022, so naturally, one of the best true crime podcasts had to feature conversations centered around Ghislaine Maxwell. It’s important for people to know, no matter how much money you may have, no one is above the law. Eventually, your actions will catch up to you.

Veteran investigative reporter John Sweeney is perfect for anyone still trying to wrap their heads around this infamous case.

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