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While 'The Untamed' has stopped airing and the series is completed, the fandom is ever-growing. Here are some of the fandom’s most popular works.

Need more ‘The Untamed’? Get unofficial stories with these fanfics

The Untamed is a wildly popular drama set in ancient China about a couple of kid cultivators whose destiny is carefully intertwined. Starring Wang Yibo as Lan Wangji & Xiao Zhan as Wei Wuxian, the show has garnered a die-hard following all around the world. 

The fifty-episode drama burst onto screens in 2019 and people just can’t get enough. A lot of viewers initially showed up for the beautiful faces attached to the actors, but everyone stayed for the fantastic storylines, the deep, rich characters, and the beautiful romance that was crafted around very restrictive censorship laws about the depiction of homosexuality on television in China. The Untamed is a packaged masterpiece. 

While The Untamed has stopped airing and the series is completed, the fandom is ever-growing. The Untamed fandom is quite a talented bunch. The fanfiction writers of this show do not disappoint! The show may be over, but the fanfiction writers are definitely keeping our beloved Lan Wangji & Wei Wuxian alive and busy!

Here are some of the fandom’s most popular and celebrated works. 

Love-all by vastlyunknown

This is a modern alternate universe where Lan Wangji & Wei Wuxian are rival tennis players!

Word count: 18,903

Completed: Yes. 

Author summary: “But if Lan Wangji thinks that Wei Wuxian is beneath him, or if Lan Wangji’s principles and integrity are challenged beyond what he can bear… if Wei Wuxian is left alone . . . he doesn’t know what he’ll do. 

Sometimes, he thinks he can only bear the world’s wrath because he has Lan Wangji by his side. Then he remembers that he basically dragged Lan Wangji kicking and screaming (or rather, glaring and huffing) into this strange friendship and his own beliefs crumple.”

One Good Thing by Yuu_chi

Word count: 26,608

Completed: Yes

Author summary: Wei Wuxian has been haunting his childhood home for three years. He’s perfected the fine art of scaring away all the tenants, and has grown used to living with the dying flowers in the garden as his only company.

When Lan Wangji buys the house, Wei Wuxian fully intends to drive him off too. Except Lan Wangji is beautiful, and interesting, and captivating company – even if he supposedly doesn’t know Wei Wuxian exists.

Sometimes Life Comes At You Fast by la_muerta

Word count: 16,436

Completed: Yes

Author summary: Of all the people in the world, Lan Wangji was the last person Wei Wuxian ever expected to co-parent a kid with. A fur-kid, that is. How that led to him sharing Lan Wangji’s bed is something he’d like to know, too.

As Long As The Sea Is Bound To Wash Upon The Sand by orphan_account

Word count: 13,067

Completed: yes

Author summary: “Husband?” He scrambles away from Lan Wangji’s touch, looking close to screaming, looking like someone caught in the jaws of a nightmare.

Which was, Lan Wangji now thinks, an apt description for both their feelings. 

“I don’t remember getting married.” The beloved voice has an edge to it, shaking, shrill, skirting the edge of madness.

 “Wei Ying . . . ” Lan Wangji’s voice is trembling as well. “What do you mean? 

“Wei Ying?” And he presses himself closer against the wall, eyes wide in panic. “You . . .  you must be mistaken . . . ” And the next words, like someone grasping the blade in his heart by the hilt, twisting and twisting and pushing it deeper in, until not a drop of blood is left. 

“You must be mistaken . . . my name is . . . Mo Xuanyu . . . ”

Overcome by thunderwear

Word count: 7,535

Completed: Yes.

Author summary:  “I don’t know if this technically counts as dual cultivation since I don’t have a core,” Wei Ying said as he lay sticky and sweaty, plastered to Lan Wangji’s side. “But it has to be in some way, right? That’s why it helps so much.” This sent Lan Wangji’s heart into a series of complicated and unexpected flips.

Every time Wei Ying couldn’t think past the resentful energy swirling through him, Lan Wangji helped him through it.

Resonant Frequencies by chinxe

Word count: 15,942

Completed: Yes

Author summary: In which Wei Wuxian decides that the best way to deal with being in love with Lan Wangji is to pretend to date him for three weeks. It goes about as well as can be expected.

It’s The Little Things, You See? by geraldinegrenadine

Word count: 30,024

Completed: Yes

Author summary: Where single parent Wei Ying greets his son’s preschool teacher, on the first day they meet, with a marriage proposal Wei Ying spends the changing seasons wooing said preschool teacher in full-force, no holds barred. Lan Zhan’s life does a full 360 degree turn when two balls of unrestrained energy land themselves in front of his classroom.

And as the seasons change, so do they.

Shadows in the Sunrise by Yuu_chi

Word count: 24,618

Completed: Yes. 

Author summary: “Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji says, voice slow and a pitch too quiet. A second later Wei Wuxian understands why. “I cannot hear.”

Or; Lan Wangji is cursed into internal isolation. Their ability to understand one another remains as unwavering as ever.

Everyday, Everyday by flowerofgusu

Word count: 9,442

Completed: Yes

Author summary: Wei Ying and Lan Zhan’s first wedding anniversary is approaching, when Wei Ying returns from a night hunt with a fever. This brings back painful memories and some insecurities for Lan Zhan. Is the life they have forged together enough?

Featuring domestic WangXian.

A Stone To Break Your Soul, A Song To Save It by rikke

Word count: 180,247

Completed: Yes

Author summary: When the entire cultivation world turns against Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng comes up with a plan to save him and arranges a marriage between his brother and the Second Jade of Lan, Lan Wangji.

You Go Your Way (I’ll Go Your Way Too) by fakeplasticlily

Word count: 52,077

Completed: Yes

Author summary: Wei Ying licks his suddenly dry lips, and continues. “It’s all petty drama, really, and you’ll probably think it’s stupid, hah . . . ” He scratches his head, feeling extremely self-conscious.

“It must have meant a lot to you,” says Lan Zhan, firmly. “And to the people who followed you.”

The people who followed him? More like that single person. His chest fills with warmth as he thinks abruptly of bunny130809 and his bunny icon and his earnest, awkward, achingly sweet words.

“Well, anyway,” Wei Ying says, eager to move on from the subject. It’s making him dizzy, the way Lan Zhan’s voice keeps bleeding into his old follower’s typed words. He’s probably just projecting, and that must say something about him, right? Had there been only two persons in all this time who’d been patient enough to really listen to him, for them to mesh together so seamlessly in his head?

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