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The 'Teen Wolf' ensemble then spent six years telling the story of Scott McCall. What is the cast up to now? Catch the cast in their latest projects.

Still thirsting over the ‘Teen Wolf’ cast? Catch your prey in their latest projects

When Teen Wolf premiered in 2011, it brought together a promising group of Hollywood actors. The Teen Wolf cast then spent six years telling the story of Scott McCall, a high school student living a very complicated & mysterious life. The popular sci-fi show is now available on Hulu for streaming, so you can experience the entire Teen Wolf saga whenever you want.

Unlike Michael J. Fox in the 80s movie that inspired the show, the protagonist of Teen Wolf has a creepier werewolf origin story. After a spooky night in the woods, Scott gets bitten by a haunting creature who changes his life forever, altering his DNA and causing him to be able to morph into a werewolf. At first, Scott’s unable to control his beastly urges but eventually, what he felt was a curse turns into something more like a gift. 

The ability to protect others becomes a very big deal to Scott in his town, and his adventures provided the Teen Wolf cast with plenty of opportunities to showcase their acting chops. But what have they been up to since the show came to its conclusion in 2017?

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey is the leading actor in the Teen Wolf cast, and he certainly helped make the show more unforgettable than it ever could’ve been. His most recent 2020 project is Alone – a movie about a global pandemic that erupts and changes humanity forever. 

Alone sheds light on what it’s like to be trapped at home and forced to ration food for survival. It’s obvious that this movie was released in the midst of the real life COVID-19 pandemic that people have been dealing with.

Dylan O’Brien

After Teen Wolf came to an end in 2017, Dylan O’Brien starred in the third Maze Runner movie, The Death Cure. Prior to finishing his time as part of the Teen Wolf cast, he also starred in the first two films in the Maze Runner franchise

O’Brien’s most recent project is called Infinite, a movie that is set to be released later this month about what schizophrenic hallucinations look like from a man who’s lived a traumatic past. The protagonist of Infinite is plagued with memories that continue to pop back into his mind.

Holland Roden

Holland Roden was an excellent part of the Teen Wolf cast in the role of Lydia Martin, and since the show came to an end, she’s moved on to starring in some very haunting horror movies

In 2020, Roden starred in the movie No Escape – a film successful enough to get a sequel scheduled to be released this summer in July. The franchise is about a social media influencer who gets caught in the sinister world of an escape room that he can’t solve.

Tyler Hoechlin

The Teen Wolf cast included Tyler Hoechlin in the role of Derek Hale, but since then, he’s taken on a much more heroic role than many people might’ve expected. He plays the role of Superman in The CW show Superman & Lois. The show is part of the Arrowverse which means that it’s connected to other shows such as Batwoman, Arrow, Stargirl, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Dylan Sprayberry

Since Teen Wolf ended, Dylan Sprayberry picked up a role in the show Light as a Feather between 2018 & 2019. His most recent project is called Angie: Lost Girls, a movie about a young girl who’s been lured into a sex trafficking ring by a predator. The film is split between the teenager’s parents’ efforts to rescue their child, and the girl’s struggle to remain alive and not lose hope.

Shelley Hennig

Shelley Henning’s two most recent projects since Teen Wolf came to an end are When We First Met and The After Party — both 2018 movies. The first one is about a man who tries to relive the same night over & over until he’s able to snag a chance with the girl of his dreams. The After Party is about a rapper who goes viral for a reason that he doesn’t approve of.

Crystal Reed

In 2018, Crystal Reed starred in a movie called Incident in a Ghostland, which tells the story of two daughters who finally reunite with their mother after a horrific event takes place in their lives. However, what starts off as a sweet reunion ends up going sour. Then, in 2019, Reed was part of the cast of Swamp Thing, a horror series based on the cult DC comic book.

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