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We make sure the best aspects of 'Shadowhunters' are celebrated – such as Dominic Sherwood topless – so here we are with our favorite shirtless moments.

Dominic Sherwood topless: Our favorite shirtless Shadowhunters, pt. 1

Shadowfam: we know how thirsty you are. Shadowhunters is full of amazing moments, but the most memorable moments simply involve . . . less clothes. Training without tops and intimate tete-a-tetes are rife throughout the series.

Shadowhunters is perfect for horndogs to enjoy the finer things in life, such as a shirtless Harry Shum Jr. on a balcony in Brooklyn, Dominic Sherwood vulnerable and also shirtless . . . the list goes on. If you have time this holiday season, be sure to check out the following scenes again and again and again.

We wanted to make sure that some of the best aspects of Shadowhunters were celebrated, so here we are with our favorite shirtless Shadowhunters moments. Let us know your favorite #ShirtlessShadowhunters moment @FilmDailyNews! Without further ado, let’s get on with the thirst.

S1E4: We lose our shirtless Jace virginity

What a throwback. Jace and shirtless in the same sentence can only mean great things. Back in S1E4, Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood) exerts himself in his natural state with muscles bulging. If you didn’t already have a thing for Jace in the first few episodes, this’ll get you drooling stat.

Shadowhunters has many amazing moments, but this one stands out as a real favorite turning point of abdominal heaven. Clary walks in on Jace training and is immediately in a daze. (Who can blame her?) Do these Shadowhunters even own training attire? It doesn’t seem so, but we ain’t complaining. 

S1E8: Shirtless training + Malec = heart eyes & nonstop drooling

Malec and shirtless moments never cease to stop the Shadowfam in their tracks. Alec (Matthew Daddario) is working out his frustrations in the training room and a very lucky Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) happens to stroll in at the perfect moment. A hot, sweaty, and incredibly muscular Alec standing tall is a magnet for Magnus’s cat eyes.

This had to be included because the more Malec the better, but the way the warlock stares at Alec is goals. We can’t get enough of this ship; take away clothes? It’s a no-brainer. Maybe a Malec spinoff should happen. Just sayin’.

S2E1: Shirtless Magnus practicing martial arts

More shirtless Malec moments? We’re spoiling you. Magnus is the one without clothes this time; hello, abs! Apparently when practicing martial arts on a balcony in Brooklyn, shirts are not required.

If this is what happens in Brooklyn, we need to look into relocation to the borough. Harry Shum Jr. shows Alec along with the the Shadowfam what he’s working with. Of course, Alec walks in on a Magnus with his naked torso and, like us, looks are definitely exchanged. Shadowhunters is the gift that keeps on giving – scenes like this prove that to be true.

S2E2: More shirtless Alec, less problems

Another episode, another shirtless Alec moment. We will never get sick of shirtless Alec – but does the guy actually own clothes? Determined to save his parabatai Jace, he strips down and risks his life for his brother. 

Even though the scene doesn’t end well for one of our favorite brooding Shadowhunters, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the beauty we start with. Talk about abs . . . Magnus is one lucky warlock.

S2E9: Simon?!

Turns out Izzy was right from the beginning. Simon (Alberto Rosende) is nerd-hot, and we are so here for it! Shirtless Simon is one of our all-time favorite things. Even though it’s an awkward moment in Shadowhunters, that doesn’t distract from the beauty on display.

Simon and Clary are messing around in an unstable canoe in the rafters, and just then Jace strolls in, catching them in the act. Can’t Simon pick up a padlock for his warehouse door? Simon jumps down . . . and let’s just say everyone watching was left with open mouths entirely speechless. Who knew behind his cute exterior all kinds of hotness lurked hidden within?

S2E19: Shirtless Jace as our lockscreen – can you blame us?

Shadowhunters offers some choice romantic moments. This definitely counts as one of our favorites. With a shirtless Jace and longing stares from Clary, it’s romantic as well as jaw-dropping. 

Jace is required by Clary to track Jonathan using their shared angelic blood. Clary draws a new rune on herself & Jace, and that’s when the magic happens. Shadowhunters is very magical indeed, and this one of those moments glowing with magic, literally. Jace & Clary share an embrace and Jace’s runes began to glow intensely. We get a peek at those abs, so it’s a true win-win.

Film Daily writers room after doing the research for this article

#ShirtlessShadowhunters should always be trending, but we hope you enjoyed some of our favorite moments, you horndog. Celebrate the colder months with some hotness coming from the hottest Shadowhunters. 

We also have some hot Malec moments here if you want to continue the drooling sesh. We’re just going back to “research” for part two now. Now where were those tissues to wipe off all the drool?

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