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Do you *really* remember ‘Shadowhunters’ season 1? Take our quiz now

We throw it back to season 1 of 'Shadowhunters' and bring another 'Shadowhunters' quiz all about that first crush excitement.

Do you *really* remember ‘Shadowhunters’ season 1? Take our quiz now

As dedicated members of the Shadowfam, we wanted to throw it back to S1 of Shadowhunters: we bring you another Shadowhunters quiz all about the action & excitement of S1.

With the end of Shadowhunters, we couldn’t help but go back and watch from the very beginning and remind ourselves just how great the show is. Given we’re still fighting the good fight to #SaveShadowhunters, Film Daily wanted to reward your dedication with a throwback quiz about your favorite show.

Tweet us your score @FilmDaily and let us know your favorite moment from Shadowhunters S1!

Grab your stele and take our S1 ‘Shadowhunters’ quiz!

Shadowhunters S1
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