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Tonight is the final 'Shadowhunters' episode. Here’s everything we know so far about the Malec wedding we’re all hoping for.

‘Shadowhunters’ Malec wedding: Everything we know

We revisit the precipitous moment when Shadowhunters was about to wrap things up – hopefully not for good.

The time we’ve been dreading is here. Tonight is the final Shadowhunters episode until the show gets saved.

Now that we’ve all stopped crying about that for a second, heres everything we know so far about the Malec wedding were all hoping for. We’ll need to talk about the on-set photos posted by the cast & crew on social media. More specifically, we need to address the Malec wedding-shaped elephant in the room.

During the last few days of filming,
Emeraude Toubia posted a group picture from the Toronto set that compelled Shadowhunters fans to doth their detective caps, grab their magnifying glasses, and start some wild sleuthing and speculation.

Look closely enough and you can see a very small and shiny (and potentially major) detail on Matthew Daddario’s left hand. It’s a ring. But to fans, it isn’t just any old ring – it’s potentially either an engagement ring or a wedding ring.

Either way, fans are taking it as a sign that Alec and Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) are elevating their relationship to the next level in S3B and everyone has (understandably) lost their damn minds over it.

Fueling this speculation further is another post from Toubia of a video from the series wrap that appears to show the cast in formal wear. Most notably, Daddario is seen wearing a tux. The kind that a half-angel, half-mortal shadowhunter would legit wear on his wedding day to his honey.

However, it’s interesting to note that Shum Jr. isn’t wearing a tuxedo in the video. But as Fansided suggested about the footage, “Magnus Bane also doesn’t really follow anyone else’s wardrobe guidelines.”

As a result, it’s difficult to take anything further away from his ensemble in suggesting a Malec wedding is definitely happening – particularly when Magnus is straight up stepping out in a fabulous array of lavish attire on the regular anyway.

Regardless, other on-set photos definitely appear to point at a wedding happening for one couple, if not for Malec. Pictures shared by background actor Michael Wisniewski on his Instagram show him looking like he’s stood on the set of a wedding.

As well as holding a champagne flute (which as we all know is the bubbly celebrative nectar of such a union), “the wedded union rune” is also all over the backdrop.

Though fans are eager to believe this is definitely set up for a Malec union, others have suggested it could be an Aline and Helen wedding, but that potentially “Malec got engaged before or after the sermon.”

This week, TVLine also shared pictures from the final days on the set of Shadowhunters where they explained they were present “for the filming of some particularly heavy scenes.”

This indicates that (wedding or otherwise) we should all brace ourselves for some emotional carnage to come in S3B. Which brings us back to Alec’s ring.

There’s an argument to be made that the ring could be Daddario’s own (another on-set picture shows the actor with a slight tan line where the ring should be, which could suggest that’s the case) – but because we’re dreamers, we’re inclined to believe otherwise.

If S3B does have some scenes of devastation waiting for us, that could be enough to push Malec into wanting to take the next step in committing to one another. Death and destruction can certainly help to bring perspective on such matters of the heart.

But whether Alec and Magnus are engaged, have taken a huge leap and jumped straight to getting hitched, or Magnus has simply managed to persuade Alec to take on some of his own decadent style remains to be seen.

Whatever the truth turns out to be, we just hope we get to see more of their story beyond The Final Hunt.

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