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Is the 'Sex Education' TV series really over? What does Netflix have in store for this UK comedy? Here's everything you need to know.

Is Netflix’s TV series ‘Sex Education’ ending after S3?

Is the Sex Education TV series on Netflix really over? The dramedy started in 2019 telling the story of a socially awkward high school student named Otis. He doesn’t have too much experience in the intimacy department, but he’s able to seek out great advice & guidance on the subject in his own personal sex-ed learning course. 

His mother, Jean, works as a sex therapist, meaning she’s heavily educated on the subject and keeps their house filled with instruction manuals, adult videos, and more. She’s also very open & honest when it comes to sexual conversations even though Otis is shy to discuss such things. 

Until he links up with the right group of kids at school, he doesn’t understand how important it is to discuss these things out loud. The show’s been pretty interesting to watch so far so is the Sex Education TV series really going to be done after season 3 finishes?

Sex Education season 3

The official release date for the Sex Education TV series third season is September 17th. Just about everyone’s going to be honed in on Netflix to catch up with all our favorite characters. 

Filming for the third season began last September in the UK and now we’re very close to finally laying eyes on what’s to come. On July 19th, Netflix released the official trailer for season 3 giving us a peek into what we can expect with the new episodes.

What’s happening next? 

The Sex Education TV series finished season 2 with the major chlamydia outbreak on campus causing somewhat of a PR problem. Groff, the headteacher, ended up getting the boot for allowing the STD to be spread so rampantly.

By the end of season 2, we saw Jean forgiving Otis and also realizing she’s pregnant from a hookup with her ex-boyfriend. Maeve bravely called social services on her own mother for drug addiction which was slightly unexpected. Lastly, Otis dumped Ola, had a one-night-stand with Ruby, and tried to confess his love to Maeve. 

With everything that went down in the Sex Education TV series’s first two seasons, we’re in for a major treat with season three. According to Marie Claire, season 3 will start with a time jump skipping over summer and letting us catch up with the students into the new school year.

The cast of season 3

Jemima Kirke from Girls will be joining the cast of Sex Education as Hope Haddon, the new headteacher to replace the last teacher who lost his job. Instead of being someone down to earth and chill, she’s going to showcase an authoritarian teaching style and act in the strictest way with the students attending. 

Dua Saleh will be joining the cast as Cal, a non-binary student who is going to become friends with Jackson. Will also see the majority of the cast members we already know and love returning. That includes Emma Mackey, Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Gillian Anderson, Connor Swindells, and Amy Lou Wood.

Will there be a season 4?

Although season 3 hasn’t even landed on Netflix yet, fans of the show are already anticipating season 4! No official announcement has been made about the fourth season of the show, but that doesn’t mean Sex Education will be finished after season 3. 

If season 3 of the show finishes on some sort of cliffhanger, we can likely expect the writers of the show will push for a more complete ending which would require another season to be tacked on at the end. Hopefully, season 3 is a hit because that would mean season 4 is more likely to come.

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