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'Sex Education' just finished up its third season on Netflix. Hit the books and find out if the TV series will survive Netflix's cancel curse.

‘Sex Education’: Could this TV series survive Netflix’s curse after season 3?

Netflix has an unfortunate tendency of sometimes canceling shows that don’t deserve to be canceled. The Sex Education TV series is such an awesome show to tune into, so viewers are keeping their fingers crossed that Netflix will keep things going beyond season 3 by bringing about a season 4. The Sex Education TV series is the dramedy we’ve all been waiting for and hopefully it isn’t coming to an end soon.

The cast of the Sex Education TV series 

Emma Mackey is the beautiful actress behind the role of Maeve Wiley while Asa Butterfield takes on the role of Otis Milburn. These leading actors make the Sex Education TV series so much more interesting to watch since their onscreen chemistry is so fantastic. It would be a tragedy to see the Netflix curse get in the way of these actor’s continuing their roles on the show.

The character of Eric Effiong is played by Ncuti Gatwa who brings such a bright spark to the show and Connor Swindells plays Adam Groff as well. The cast of stars who’ve come together for the first couple seasons so far deserve to keep making it happen.

Questions we still have

Leading up to the release of the third season, there are a lot of questions fans of the Sex Education TV series have. One of those questions is about Florence and her asexuality. How deep will the show writers go into exploring what exactly it means for her to be asexual? 

Now that we know Jean is pregnant, is she going to keep her baby? It’s possible she’ll choose to give her baby up for adoption and it’s possible she might opt towards getting an abortion. If she chooses to keep her baby, it will open up a whole new world of questions. 

Will Eric & Adam truly be able to commit to one another in a relationship? Their love has come with so many highs & lows. Watching the growth & development of where they started to where they ended up has been a rollercoaster. Now all that’s left is figuring out if they can be a real couple. 

What will happen between Otis & Ruby? Now that they’ve been there for each other on a level much deeper than sex, what does it mean for their friendship? Could it potentially become something deeper and more meaningful? 

Will the clinic even survive? The main premise of the show is the clinic which was created to help educate students on everything sex related. If the clinic doesn’t survive, will the show be able to survive? Fans are concerned that the Netflix curse will win and we won’t see another season after the third. Hopefully, that’s not the case.

Shows similar to the Sex Education TV series 

Fans of the super interesting & entertaining Sex Education TV series probably also like shows that focus on similar subject matter, including likable characters who are all too relatable. The way the Sex Education TV series expands upon the notion that learning about sex in a healthy & honest way is paramount, there are other shows that do the same thing.

Please Like Me, for example, focuses on a young man discovering his true sexuality after getting dumped by his girlfriend. He realizes he’s gay and everything begins to change for him. Skins is another epic show available on Netflix that follows the lives of several very sexually active young adults.

Big Mouth is an animated show on Netflix that dives deep into information about puberty, coming of age, relationship issues, and more. If the Sex Education TV series doesn’t survive the netflix curse, these shows would be great to watch instead.

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