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Will the TV series 'Sex Education' give us the Otis and Maeve endgame that we deserve? Dive into the season 3 finale of the Netflix show.

Are Maeve and Otis endgame? What happened in TV series ‘Sex Education’?

On September 17th, the third season of the incredibly popular TV series Sex Education arrived on the Netflix streaming platform, and while it has not been too long since then, most huge fans of the show have already binge watched the entire new season in its entirety. If you’ve seen all the new episodes, then we’re sure you can agree with us when we say a lot has certainly changed, and the fans are already itching to get a season four.

So when can we expect to see season four of the Sex Education TV series? Will we even get a season four? After all, while the last season left tons of fans with lots of questions and cliffhangers, a season four still has yet to be guaranteed. While we’re hoping that there will be a season four, the most we can do for now is cross our fingers and continue keeping the show as popular as ever so we can get exactly what we’re hoping for. 

If you need a brief little refresher on just what happened in the past season and everything that fans have been saying about the new episodes so far, let’s take a look here at all the juicy details and plot twists that happened during the third season of the Sex Education TV series, especially the “will-they/won’t-they” romance between Otis and Maeve that has everyone talking. Warning: there will be tons of spoilers ahead!


What happened between Maeve and Otis? 

In past seasons of the Sex Education TV series, fans were heavily rooting for characters Otis and Maeve to get together. However, could that be finally changing after this season? Before we get into just how season three of the comedic high school drama series ended, we’ll just warn you once again that there will definitely be tons of spoilers ahead. If you haven’t yet seen the new season, we suggest you do so and then come back. 

So now that we’re sure everyone here has already streamed all of the new episodes, then let’s jump right into it. By the end of season three, Otis and Maeve finally have kissed on more than one occasion. However, this twist is far from a happily ever after for the former sex clinic operators duo as Maeve is just about to leave Moordale behind to go and study abroad in the United States after having secured the money for the trip. 

In the show, Otis asks: “What about us?”, to which Maeve responds with: “We’ll have to see where we’re at when I’m back”, and assures him that it is not a good-bye, but “It’s a see you soon”. We’re not tearing up, you are! However, while some people are sad over Otis and Maeve, other fans are actually rooting for Ruby to end up with Otis. So who do we think Otis will actually end up with in the potential season four of Sex Education


Otis and Ruby? 

While huge fans of Sex Education have adamantly rooted for Otis and Maeve to be endgame since the beginning of the TV series, others have changed their minds after viewing season three of the show. After all, the third season did start with Otis dating Ruby, and while some weren’t too pleased with that initially, it turns out that some fans ended up easing up on the pair and even being disappointed when they called it splits. 

Well, we’re not sure just where Otis will end up, or rather who he will end up with, but fans are already calling predictions on season four. We’re not sure if a new season will be happening, as actor Asa Butterfield even said: “We don’t know [whether there will be more]. It’s out of our hands at this point.I wish I could tell you more; I genuinely don’t know”.

However, due to the show’s popularity on the Netflix streaming platform, we can at least say that there is a high probability that the show will go on. After all, people can not stop talking about it. Let us know your predictions and thoughts on the TV series in the comments. 

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