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'Santa Clarita Diet' has been one of the most underrated shows on TV. Find out whether the fans will be able to save the show after season 4.

‘Santa Clarita Diet’ cancelled after season 4? #SaveSantaClaritaDiet

Netflix, Netflix, Netflix. What are we going to do with you? At the outset of Zombie Awareness Month, you cruelly severed the head and destroyed the brain of your very best zombie-themed comedy, Santa Clarita Diet.

We get it. You’re going through that awkward teenage phase and you’re making some risqué choices. First you went and cancelled Everything Sucks! last year, the bold & fearless LGBTQI-themed coming-of-age teen show that showed us all that was good about teen love.

Then you went and cancelled One Day at a Time, one of the funniest and most progressive sitcoms like, ever, handling issues such as depression, PTSD, immigration, and sexuality. Then you went and wronged us again, cancelling one of the funniest shows ever created, Santa Clarita Diet.

Netflix, are you out of your mind? Do you have no fear that Sheila (Drew Barrymore) & Gary (Nathan Fillion/Alan Tudyk) will raise an army of undead and come for you in your sleep? After your performance today, you definitely don’t deserve any celebratory clams from Japopo’s. And no, don’t expect Joel (Timothy Olyphant) to give you a good Yelp review.

Because you’ve obviously forgotten to include fandoms’ feelings and reviews in your decision making process, dear, dear Netflix, we wanted to open up the eyes of your AI (and your accounting software) to why a legion of fans are pretty upset about the latest in a spate of brutal cancellations – and why we’ll be fighting to #SaveSantaClaritaDiet.

It hilariously subverts the mindless zombie trope we’re so used to seeing

Fiendish and funny Netflix Originals horror-comedy Santa Clarita Diet stars Drew Barrymore (Never Been Kissed) as a flesh-eating suburban mom and Timothy Olyphant (Justified) as her neurotic husband striving for a sense of normalcy. It’s the stuff of nightmares.

SCD portrays what would happen if your mom underwent a horrific transformation into a human flesh-craving creature and how you’d balance life in suburbia: struggling to support her murderous appetite while placating nosy neighbors, cultural expectations, and a fantastical mystery.

This sitcom is one of the best currently available to stream, following as it does an ordinary husband & wife whose lives are thrown into chaos thanks to some freaky food poisoning. If you’ve never been zombified due to a bad batch of clams, you should be able to stomach Santa Clarita Diet, an absolute riot from start to finish.

It’s a great portrayal of a loving American family

Fair enough, Sheila does eat the rude, but Santa Clarita Diet features a loving family with a soulmate relationship at its core. The show offers a dark, irreverent twist on suburban sitcoms.

Ghoulish consequences become progressively (and hilariously) worse with every episode – particularly while wifey is stuck trying to figure out how to be chill with her new appetite for human flesh as her hubby freaks out in his bid to support her lovingly on her path of death & destruction.

SCD is disgusting, violent, and even cringeworthy at times. It’s also one of the most underrated shows currently on TV, as well as a surprisingly authentic depiction of a dedicated marriage. The way it juggles these different tones is undeniably impressive, while the lead performances by Barrymore and Olyphant sell the more absurd moments with style. These two film (and TV) veterans have charisma for days.

If we haven’t managed to convince you yet:

S2 features Nathan Fillion as a disembodied talking head. (Read all his wokest wisdom here.)

Could you even ask for more?

Make sure to rewatch all three seasons of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix and take to social media to spread the good word to #SaveSantaClaritaDiet!

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