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‘Saved By the Bell’ is returning to Peacock with most of the original cast members intact. Find out how their characters have changed.

Learn who’s back in school: The ‘Saved By the Bell’ cast coming back

High school years may not have been the best experience for everyone – but they sure are memorable. Whether it’s prime-time suffering or wildly fun times, who doesn’t look back at this time? Nothing reinvigorates a love/hate relationship with high school like classic high school dramas. 

Saved by the Bell is pretty much as classic as it gets when it comes to high school TV. The high school sitcom aired on NBC from 1989-1993 and inspired a follow up series Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Now, launching on NBC streaming service Peacock, the series is making a return to our lives on November 25.

Not everything will be quite the same at Bayside High, but we will be seeing those faces we’ve come to know & love once again. Much too old to reprise their original role as high school friends, the original cast will have a new place in the series. Here’s everyone who we’ll see back in class when the bell rings. 

Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies)

That’s right, Lisa Turtle – the fashionista queen herself – will be seen walking the halls of Bayside High once again. Lark Voorhies is set to take on the role after all these years

As one might imagine, Lisa is still pursuing her passion for fashion. According to Entertainment Weekly, Lisa is “thriving with a successful career in fashion.”

Zach Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselarr) 

Mark-Paul Gosselarr is confirmed to join the Saved by the Bell reboot as Zach Morris. However, years down the line Zach will no longer be the trouble-making teen he was in the original. 

The plot will follow a matured Zach Morris who’s now the governor of California. But as we all know, politics can get hairy. Zach will find himself in political controversy after closing too many of the state’s low-income schools. To help clean up this mess, he welcomes students impacted by the closures to Bayside which is a bit more well-funded than where they were before.

Kelly Kapowski-Morris (Tiffani Thiessen) 

Who will be right by Zach’s side while all of this is going down? His beau Kelly, of course! Now Zack’s first lady, Kelly will play his wife for the Saved by the Bell revival. 

The item of Bayside high, Kelly & Zach were always fighting, breaking up, or making each other jealous. We’ll have to see if they’re still up to their usual antics or if they’ve matured, experiencing new relationship troubles all together.

A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) 

Dreamy jock A.C. Slater, played by the renowned Mario Lopez, will have an important role in the reboot. Instead of an immature player, A.C. Slater is a gym teacher at Bayside High. How fitting is that? 

Once of the most popular characters on the show, we’re excited to see how later years have shaped him. Will he still be competing for girls’ attention, or will he be the one to bust up knuckleheads acting the way he once had.

Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley Lauren)

A SBTB favorite, Jessie Spano will have an important role on the revival series. She’s not a student or teacher at Bayside – she’s a parent of a Bayside student played by Belmont Cameli. 

Those juicy family ties will definitely give us a flashback to SBTB first generation. Will she be a passionate & caring mother? Considering her warm personality from the original, fans are curious to see how her character resembles her past self. 

Anyone else?

The newly released trailer features other SBTB alumni such as Ed Alonzo (as Max) who runs The Max diner and Patrick Thomas O’Brien (as Bayside math teacher Mr. Dewey). So far we haven’t heard if beloved cast member Screech (Dustin Diamond) will be returning at all but we sure hope he’ll make an appearance or cameo in some way.

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