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If you’re ready for a blast from the past then 'Saved by the Bell' is here to provide you one. Here's everything we know about the reboot.

Ready for class? Everything to know about the ‘Saved by the Bell’ reboot

If you’re ready for a blast from the past then Saved by the Bell is here to provide you one. It seems like forever ago there were rumors the show was getting a revival, but now there’s a trailer.

The trailer shows Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley Lauren) and Slater (Mario Lopez) back in the hallways of Bayside, but now they’re staff. Jessie is a guidance counselor and Slater is a P.E. teacher.

We also see a lot of fresh new faces who appear to be the teen stars of the show. It’s hard to determine what the actual show is going to feel like from the quick one minute and ten-second video, but despite being “rated tv-14” (according to the trailer itself), there are some definite Disney Channel vibes here.

While the trailer doesn’t showcase any other familiar faces (aside from everyone’s favorite diner owner) we’re crossing our fingers for some surprise appearances and cameos of the rest from the rest of the gang.

While this series is technically a sequel – since it’s a continuation of the show which ran from 1989 to 1992 – executive producer Tracey Wigfield describes the new Saved by the Bell as, “not even a reboot; it’s a reimagining. While the original show was a Saturday morning show for kids, this is a single-camera, kind of edgier comedy.”

A seemingly strange choice which makes us beg the question, “who is the intended audience?” Are they trying to impress the people who loved the wacky original or are they trying to catch the eyes of a new & younger generation who are more used to darker & edgier shows?

We can’t even begin to guess the answers to these questions with how brief the trailer is – both the new teens and Jessie & Slater seem to have a pretty equal amount of screentime, which makes it even harder to discern who the actual stars are & who they’re hoping will keep watching after the first episode. Though we would hope the main stars are the original cast members.

While Wigfield promises edgier, the trailer does showcase a few quick glimpses at some sillier scenes which will be occurring in the new Saved by the Bell episodes, which confirms Wigfield’s promise that there will still be plenty of “cartoony fun” and inside jokes that longtime fans will remember.

Again, these claims seem pretty believable since a considerable portion of the quick trailer shows Jessie going on a small monologue about the dangers of caffeine pills.

Wigfield also admitted, “I wrote on 30 Rock for six years and then wrote on The Mindy Project, and I created Great News. I have my tone and I have my kind of comedic voice I like to write in. You will feel that here.” So if you liked Wigfield’s other works Saved by the Bell will likely still be a comfortable series for you to watch.

If you don’t love the comedy in 30 Rock or The Mindy Project . . . you might be out of luck.

Another important thing to note is that this new Saved by the Bell reboot (simply being called Bell, by the way) does not yet have a premiere date since not all of the episodes were finished filming before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down production.

The show will eventually be released on the streaming service Peacock – so unless you’re one of the few people who are already using the service, you’ll have to decide if the opportunity for more Saved by the Bell is worth paying for yet another subscription.

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