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Oh, 'Sanditon', how we love thee. The official 'Sanditon' Twitter is giving us hope for a season 2. Here's everything you need to know.

#SaveSanditon: Official ‘Sanditon’ Twitter gives us hope for season 2

Oh, Sanditon, how we love thee. Our hearts ache every time we think of the less than satisfying manner in which we parted ways.

However, we remain hopeful we will reunite once more. It may not be under the same circumstances as the first time, but this is irrelevant to us. The tenacious, willful, and unstoppable force that is the Sanditon fandom have not given up the fight & show no signs of wavering in their admirable dedication to getting the show renewed.

Luckily, the people behind the show also seem to be doing what they can, and this gives us hope.

Still actively working

It would be a big blow to fans if we were to find out we’ve been campaigning for months, only to find out the people behind the show had packed it in and given up on finishing the beautiful story they’d begun to tell.

This isn’t the case, however. On Twitter, the Sanditon account assured fans (in the midst of a caption contest no less) that they’re still actively looking for options to create season 2 of Sanditon. They also told fans that they would let us know if they ever do give up – we desperately hope it doesn’t come to that.

What now?

It’s great to hear that both fans and creators are working together to try and find a way to make the show happen. However, this might beg the question, what can us fans do to help?

First of all, the fandom, dubbed the Sanditon Sisterhood, has pretty much ironed out the answer to this question. After campaigning for more Sanditon, essentially since the moment season 1 ended, they have a well-oiled social media campaign constantly working toward raising awareness, in the hopes of catching a production studio’s eye.

If you haven’t hopped in on the Sanditon season 2 campaign yet, but want to, let’s talk about your options – but first – welcome to the movement.


Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms out there, which means not only is it integral to the Sanditon Sisterhood’s work, but television shows really have been renewed or canceled based on social media numbers in the past.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, go ahead and make one. Pop in a picture of your favorite Sanditon character as your profile picture if it makes you more comfortable, and start using the hashtags #Sanditon & #SaveSanditon. Many members of the fandom have created accounts solely for the purpose of helping make season 2 a reality & plenty of fans would be more than willing to connect with you on there and show you the ropes.

We’ve praised the sisterhood’s work on Twitter before, but it’s worth mentioning their impressive numbers again – for over a month the hashtags #Sanditon and #SaveSanditon have each had over 45,000 daily interactions. But recently, the numbers have increased! For over a week now fans have gotten those hashtags up to over 50,000 interactions each day. Why not join in on the fun?


Production studios look at all kinds of numbers to determine success, and possibly the most obvious is how much something has been watched. When asking a new studio to pick up season 2 it’s likely that one of the first questions to be asked is how popular the show is. While Twitter is an excellent indicator, streaming numbers are a little more concrete.

Sanditon can be watched on Amazon Prime & the more you watch it the better their numbers. Heck, just leave the show on in the background while you do chores or something, that should make cleaning the kitchen a lot more tolerable.

There is one important thing to note, however. To watch Sanditon on Amazon Prime you need to add the PBS channel to your account, which is a monthly fee of $5.99 after the first month, which is only 99 cents. This method of support costs money, so isn’t going to be a viable option for everyone.


Facebook groups for Sanditon have all kinds of coordinated efforts just like Twitter does. Joining some groups on this platform will help you to know about watch parties to increase hashtag usage, email blasts where all the fans email certain streaming platforms to ask for season 2 of Sanditon, and many more projects.

Frequently you’ll find weekly calendar images uploaded to Facebook groups (also Twitter, but they can be harder to find on Twitter), detailing all the different digital events fans have planned – there is never a day without some kind of Twitter party, Q&A, petition singing, or something.

Sanditon Facebook groups are also a great way to connect with fans.

Let’s go!

These three methods are the most helpful ways we as fans can work to help Sanditon season 2 a reality. If you’ve recently discovered the show or just haven’t gotten around to joining in on the social media campaign, we welcome you with open arms.

We all need to work together if we want to help see more of our favorite period drama & we’d love to have you at our side. We’re not out of hope yet & there’s plenty of determination to go around.

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