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Regé-Jean Page has exited 'Bridgerton', but how will the show continue on without him? Learn everything you need to know about post-Page plans.

How will ‘Bridgerton’ continue on without Regé-Jean Page?

Bridgerton is currently in the midst of filming its eagerly anticipated second season. Unfortunately, however, they’re doing it without the oh so handsome Regé-Jean Page, who played the delicious Simon, Duke of Hastings in the first season of the Netflix series. Page left Bridgerton after the first season. Given his busy schedule? It’s not that big of a surprise. He’s Hollywood’s new Golden Boy right now.

But what does the exit of Page look like for Bridgerton season 2? How will they explain his absence from the series? Because, after all, the story of him & Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) ended happily ever after. Well, we have some idea of how Page’s exit from the beloved romance series will be shown in Bridgerton season 2. Here’s everything that you need to know.

Where did we leave the Duke at the end of Bridgerton season 1?

The end of Bridgerton’s excellent first season saw Simon & Daphne happily married. Simon has gotten over his tremendous Daddy & commitment issues. We see the pair welcoming their baby boy, Colin. The baby is super freaking cute in our humble opinion. We just want to smush those cheeks. Like we said, Simon & Daphne have gotten their happy ending.

Since Simon’s arc is complete and the focus on Bridgerton season 2 is on Anthony’s (Jonathan Bailey) love story with Kate (Simone Ashley), well, the couple’s role is reduced. As Page said, Simon’s arc is done. It was only supposed to be for a season. That all makes sense. Again, like we said, he’s a hella busy actor. He took Hollywood by storm in a big way. 

So how will things be addressed in Bridgerton season 2? 

Phoebe Dynevor spoke about how Regé-Jean Page’s exit will be worked into the series for Bridgerton season 2 in an interview with The Wrap. Dynevor said Page’s exit is just the nature of the show focusing on different characters, “I think that’s honestly the joy of the show in the long term, getting to see these different love stories play out. No two seasons will be the same and they’ll have a different excitement.”

As for what to do now that Page has left? Dynevor said, “I think he’ll definitely be referred to a lot. I think we’ll see the baby. And we’ll just focus more on [Daphne’s] relationship with the Bridgerton family.” She added that she wishes her co-star the best in his post-Bridgerton career. Though, she admits, the popularity of the show and love for their characters surprised them both.

“I think it’s just funny, but also lovely, that people feel so close to them both. It’s such a compliment and it’s lovely. And I can’t wait to see what Regé does next in his career.”

What’s next?

If you’re desperate for more of Page’s beautiful, beautiful face, then you can see it in the Netflix movie The Gray Man with Chris Evans & Ryan Gosling. Yes, that is a lot of pretty men in one movie. We’re swooning already. He’s also set to appear in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie. No word on what class he’ll be playing in that film, but we’re guessing Bard. He just has a Bard vibe.

From there? Who knows? Fans would love to see him join a franchise like the MCU or something. Or he can really stick it to Geoff Johns and actually become Superman. That would be cool. Outside of that? We’ll just see where things are going to go from here in regards to Page’s career.

As for Bridgerton? Filming for season 2 is well underway and we’re super excited to see the next love story unfold. 

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