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'Selling Sunset' – more like selling drama! Let’s take a look at 'Selling Sunset' cast members who have left The Oppenheim Group.

Which ‘Selling Sunset’ cast members have left the Oppenheim Group?

Selling Sunset – more like selling drama! Over the past three seasons, we have seen conflict, couture, and condos. The Selling Sunset cast is never without drama-filled moments. 

Each member of The Oppenheim Group brings their own unique flair to real estate. The LA brokerage continues to fascinate fans of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, leaving everyone wanting even more. Season 4 isn’t officially confirmed, but that hasn’t stopped us thinking about what could be in store for the group.

We’re not entirely sure what we can expect from more seasons. It looks like we won’t be greeted by the same friendly faces we’re used to loathing. Let’s take a look at Selling Sunset cast members who have left The Oppenheim Group.

Good morning LA

Chrishell Stause recently appeared in an interview with the UK breakfast show Good Morning Britain. Taking time off from rehearsing from Dancing with the Stars, Chrishell divulged into what’s going on behind the scenes on Selling Sunset

Calling the team a “dysfunctional family”, Stause made sure to let us know season 4 details. “You know there is some splintering happening within the group. That’s real life, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. We’re not all friends, we don’t all get along. But we try too, some people have left, the brokerage has split, if the cameras pick up there’s a lot to pick up on.”

What does this mean for the brokerage? Will Selling Sunset continue? Here’s what we know about recent departures.

Bye bye, Brett

Chrishell didn’t divulge who’d left the brokerage exactly, but news already reached us about which cast members said their goodbyes. Co-founder Brett Oppenheim parted ways from twin brother Jason and moved on to another brokerage. Christine Quinn was the one to break the news in an interview. 

According to Jason, the pair are still as close as ever. Could this be a way to save face? Drama always finds a way of appearing on Selling Sunset. Perhaps season 4 could show what exactly happened behind the scenes. 

Missing Maya

Maya Vander has officially moved to sunny Miami. In an interview with ET, Vander disclosed her recent situation: “My goal is to stay in Miami unless I have a client that’s worth me to fly for a day or two to do showings and stuff like that. I’m trying to just stay put in Miami, that’s the goal.”

Vander always knew how to bring the right amount of sass to any situation. Seeing fan-favorite Maya part ways from the team hit fans hard. With her growing family, it’s no surprise the real estate agent wanted a change of scenery. 

Could Maya potentially make a guest appearance in Selling Sunset season 4? We can only hope!

Selling Sunset season 4 has yet to be confirmed and we’re dying to hear the juicy details. Here’s our article all about the drama we expect from season 4. Let us know your thoughts on cast departures in the comments below.

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