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Netflix original series ‘3%’: Compete for a place in the Offshore

The Netflix original series '3%' first aired in 2016. This brilliant dystopian series is the streaming giant's first original Brazilian-shot production.

Netflix original series ‘3%’: Compete for a place in the Offshore

Theres no doubt that Netflix creates exceptional original content, and its 2015 acquisition of 3% is no exception. The streaming giant first aired this brilliant dystopian series in 2016 as the first original Brazilian-shot production.

Described as “a thriller set in a world sharply divided between progress and devastation”, this show takes you along for the ride while a group of hopefuls fight for their right to leave the slum-filled Inland and live out their years in the promise land, aptly titled the Offshore.

Created by Pedro Aguilera, the show stars Brazilian actor João Miguel as Ezequiel – the head of the Process – who effectively decides who makes it through and who doesn’t. However, his judgment is questioned by Aline (Viviane Porto) – an employee of the council who is sent to oversee the Process.

The candidates are put through a series of skill-testing situations that will determine if each individual deserves to be considered part of the 3%, from a one-on-one interview to timed puzzles, deductive reasoning, and physical feats. Along the way not only are their skills tested, but also their values, ideals, and friendships. All the while a group of Inland dissidents called The Cause are trying to infiltrate the Process by sending in a spy.

The beauty of this show is it has truthful realism to it, and for a futuristic dystopian adventure it refrains from using mass special effects, cheap tricks, or the shock factor. The real story is in the relationships between the candidates, the desperate hope for a better future, and the destructive corruption found in any modern society. If you are fan of The 100, Altered Carbon, or Lost, 3% is a definite winner.

Only 3% will make it to the Offshore – will you be one of them?

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