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Ninja isn't just a popular figure in the gaming world. He also has a ridiculous Twitter worthy to follow. Here are some of his most insane tweets!

Peek and laugh at some of Ninja’s most ridiculous Twitter posts

For Ninja, Twitter isn’t just a game. The popular American Twitch streamer has always been an entertainment powerhouse, filling Twitch with incredibly entertaining streams for larger sandbox games like League of Legends and Fortnite. But it’s on Twitter where Ninja’s amazing energy really comes to life. 

Ninja’s positivity and great energy really gets their due on Twitter, allowing fans to see the wacky & casual side of this streamer. From advertising his streams to making hilarious memes, there’s always something new to chuckle at on Ninja’s Twitter. 

Which is why we played through the levels to find the best tweets from Ninja’s account that’ll make your day just a bit brighter. Grab your controllers and dive into the best from Ninja’s Twitter. 


Something about those old games just hits different. 

Starter pack 

Include a Fortnite pickaxe and you’re all set! 


That’s oddly specific, but glad you have your happy place, dude! 

I am Rick 

Google translate can’t help us now. 

Creeping up 

Hope you bought some good dye shampoo . . . 

Take this 

We can already tell this won’t end well . . . 

I’ll go first 

Now that’s an entrance!


Certainly one way to start the day . . . 

Love/Hate relationship 

Balanced, as all things should be . . . 


Careful not to bust a . . . oh, too late . . . 

Have any other fun tweets from Ninja’s Twitter? Drop them below in the comments before the stream ends! 

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