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You ready for the next big Roland Emmerich disaster epic? Check out the next Halle Berry movie 'Moonfall' on Twitter.

Will Halle Berry’s new movie ‘Moonfall’ crash and burn?

Right then. It’s about time for Roland Emmerich to release another disaster movie, huh? Every couple of years, the director emerges from his hibernation to give us another epic disaster flick to enjoy. The premise is usually wild. The cast is always large. And you have to wonder if he’s good, you know? Well, now it’s Halle Berry’s turn to star in a Emmerich movie about the Moon falling to Earth.


You read that right. In 2022, we’re going to see Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson fight against the Moon. Ah what a movie to see. Based on the bananas teaser for Moonfall, it’s going to be a ride of a new movie. So how are fans feeling about the new movie to star Halle Berry? Let’s go to the tweets.



Emmerich played a lot of Majora’s Mask, huh? 


Put that on the 2022 bingo card

Seriously though. That may actually happen.


We have another word

“Madness” is the nice word.


The idea have to come from somewhere

The twist probably is that the Moon is haunted.



You have to wonder what sort of Apocalypse you want to live through.


It’s always wild

He does just sort of grab everything, huh?


Ha! Wait, really? 

To be fair, we didn’t believe it either.


We’re already in an Apocalypse

And some of us are just tired. Just stop glamorizing this nonsense. 


Can we get Majora’s Mask on the Switch? 

We just can’t unsee it.


Hello?! NASA?

Well, NASA! Tell us!

What do you think of the teaser for the new Halle Berry movie? Let us know in the comments below! 

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