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Here are our top five songs from Spanish Netflix series 'Money Heist' soundtrack that will make you laugh, cry and dance through this incredible story.

Money tunes: Top songs from the ‘Money Heist’ soundtrack

Money Heist is a staff favorite here at the Film Daily writers room. From the acting to the cinematography to the storytelling, the show has us at the edge of our seats every time we watch and rewatch it (which is a lot). 

However, today we’re going to showcase a part of the show that, both here and in general, sometimes goes unnoticed: the soundtrack. Here are our top five songs from the Money Heist soundtrack that will make you laugh, cry and dance through this incredible story.

“My Life is Going On” by Cecila Krull

Of course we begin with the beginning and the theme song for the show. The tune starts somewhat mournful before it builds with the help of the strings and backup vocals that help the tune swell outward. 

Its message of feeling lost but still moving forward with determination fits perfectly with all the characters, as it is the universal feeling among our favorite thieves, despite its awkward English phrasing. “My Life is Going On” leaves viewers with a sense of mystery about what is about to happen, although it hints not at all at the excitement and twists of the plot.

“Bella Ciao” 

This one comes right after that fantastic opening. This song has several variations over the course of the series from happy to intense. However, we cannot help but love the variation that is sung by the characters after they find soil under the vault, matching beat for beat the happiness in the song. 

The wild but fun tune got them and will get you up and dancing as you feel like you’re celebrating any big or little thing in life. A great song to, like the characters, enjoy with your family. 

“Lonely Boys” by the Black Keys 

This next is a bit of a departure. Its heavy beat and quick tempo matches the desperate and meticulous planning of the heist perfectly, giving the air during that scene an extra feel of danger and excitement. It will leave you feeling invincible with each notes and helps keep the story going toward that last desperate showdown that we all love and hate to witness.  

“The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin

The classic piano rag seems to come from nowhere, but actually fits perfectly, as it is played by the Professor during a sweet moment with Raquel. It fits both the Professor and their love story perfectly, an older tune that is jumpy, happy, and far out of reach. 

“The Entertainer” also highlights the bond between the Professor and Raquel as they now have that lovely memory to hang onto as the world throws them into chaos neither could expect or plan for. In short, an old tune that adds a new layer to a sweet scene. 

“Boom” by Ofi La Melodia 

A more modern piece, this particular beat matches the frenzied and fun atmosphere of the scene where Tokyo and Nairobi have a bit too much tequila. It’s a fun dance song that would fit perfectly in a club on a Saturday night and adds to pulsing joy of the two girls getting the brief chance to have fun very well. A great beat if you want something to pump you up and make anyone run to the dancefloor. 

Of course, these are not the only songs that the show has to offer to assist in its fantastic storytelling. You can find the Spotify playlist here to see what music from this amazing show speaks to you. From all of us here at Film Daily, happy listening!

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