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Again?! Fans of the 'Venom' movies meme their frustration as 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage' faces yet another delay due to COVID-related complications.

Is the ‘Venom’ movie sequel actually going to happen?

Looks like the fate of the sequel to the saga of Venom movies continues to hang in the balance as the delta variant rages on. Recently, the second of the Venom movies was delayed due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, causing moviegoing comfort levels to plummet and having some worry about another shutdown. 

The second of the Venom movies was moved to October 15th, securing Sony breathing room to try and figure out their new plan on when this highly anticipated film will come out. Sony needs to think fast though, as many of their other tentpole movies also need attending to and rumors are already spreading of another delay on the film. 

Naturally, many fans are still upset over the delay in this sequel to the Venom movies saga and are still lamenting it on Twitter. We slithered through the threads to find the best reactions to the continued lack of news on the delay. Get ready to eat some brains as we dive into these reactions! 


Easy dude! We’ll get confirmation soon! 

Sad face

That man ages like a fine wine though . . . . 

Rewatch time

Definitely a good strategy for the meantime! 

Not having it

We’ll get them eventually, dude! Eventually . . . . 


Too soon on both fronts! 

Happy dance 

Keep the positive vibes! We know we need them . . . . 


*Covers ears* We’ll check back in later . . . . 

Reasons why 

Um, actually, there’s a pretty big reason . . . . 

Not strong enough 

Hang in there buddy! 


*Gives you tissues for this trying time*. 

What are your thoughts on the continued delay of the second of the Venom movies? Drop them below in the comments before Carnage finally arrives!

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