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Chris Hemsworth's body double share the challenges of trying to get that Thor physique. Learn more about the challenges of being the double for Thor.

Is Chris Hemsworth *too* hot? See why his ‘Thor’ body double is upset

When we think of actors who are literally larger than life, we tend to think of the guys who are just naturally big: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Chris Hemsworth top that list. You really have to feel for the stand-ins and stunt doubles for these sorts of actors. Because they have to stay in tip-top shape but the body doubles have to match them as well. And that’s a lot of work.

It looks like for Thor: Love & Thunder Chris Hemsworth is ditching the controversial fatsuit from Avengers: Endgame to bulk up to his most muscle bound yet. Did you see his arms in those set pictures from the Thor: Love & Thunder set? He could probably crack walnuts with those things. Just put it in the crevice of his arm and let him flex.

But his body double is having a hard time keeping up. 

Meet Bobby Holland Hanton

Say hi to Bobby Holland Hanton, who is Chris Hemsworth’s body double. Currently, he’s also on set for Thor: Love & Thunder. He is also trying to keep up with Hemsworth’s bulky frame, eating about seven meals a day. Talking with Australian morning radio show, “Fitzy & Wippa”, he had the following to say about playing catch up to “the biggest Thor he’s ever been”.

Hanton has been working with Hemsworth since 2013 on the set of Thor: The Dark World. While Chris Hemsworth is going for godlike proportions, Hanton said that process was grueling for the both of them. “Everyone is like, ‘Wow, look at the size and him’, but I’m like yes, brilliant, now I have to put on that size as well. I text him, I’m like, ‘Thanks very much dude, this is going to be even harder this time!’”

RIP to Hanton because that has to be a lot of work and a lot of caloric intake to keep up with it. 

So how is it?

Chris Hemsworth seems to be handling his latest Thor body transformation well. Hanton, however, admits he doesn’t like being so musclebound: “I find carrying around the extra weight is difficult and hard to maintain on the ligaments. But he’s all good. Look at him, he’s a man mountain.” He said that Hemsworth was “fit as a fiddle” where he was struggling a bit more.

Poor Hanton even lost pleasure in eating because both him and Hemsworth have to do it so much. Hanton said, “Every two hours we’re eating. It’s become a chore. I don’t enjoy eating at all every two hours.” It just goes to show that everyone’s body is different with different needs.

In addition to all of it, he has such a hard time getting insurance for his work. Stunt and body doubles have it very hard. And poor Hanton had to get back surgery after a stunt gone wrong in the 2020 film, Extraction

What else was Hanton in?

Hanton seems to be in demand for a lot of actors. His other credits for body double work include standing in for Henry Cavill, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum and Jake Gyllenhaal. Relatively muscular guys, though Cavill definitely goes into the “big dude” category. But we have to give all the credit in the world to body doubles, who do some really scary & dangerous stuff in order to make movies look awesome. 

Hopefully, though, Chris Hemsworth won’t try to get quite as big next time he plays Thor. Let Bobby Holland Hanton enjoy food again. Food is amazing! You should enjoy meals, not dread them! 

Thor: Love & Thunder will be released on February 11, 2022. But Loki, which stars Thor’s semi-villainous brother (Tom Hiddleston), will be released sometime in 2021. 

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