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Chris Hemsworth has taken over Instagram with his giant muscles and rock-hard abs. Here are some hot workout pictures of him – for research.

Should Chris Hemsworth be ‘Sexiest Man Alive’? Look at his workout pics

Arguably the strongest Avenger on the superhero team, Chris Hemsworth has taken over Instagram with his giant muscles and rock-hard abs. Hemsworth’s muscled build has never been bigger, and he’s proven all it takes is hard work & dedication. Recently, Hemsworth shared all the details & pictures to prove his progress. 

In an interview with Total Film, Chris Hemsworth explained, “I will have to put on more size than I ever have before, even more than I have put on for Thor”. Hemsworth continued stating, “I will also have to deep dive into the rabbit hole of the wrestling world, which I’m really looking forward to doing”.

According to Men’s Health, Chris Hemsworth has been training for his role as the famous wrestling star, Hulk Hogan. The film is set in the 1980s and needs the Australian star to look as jacked up as he can be. We have all his recent training pictures below!


On November 20th, Chris Hemsworth posted a picture pushing a gigantic tire using every muscle at his disposal. Posing in a lunge position, it appears Hemsworth is about to tip over the tire with ease. Hemsworth adds to his post with a punny caption, “Cheat day today. Decided to treat myself to this extra large donut, gosh it’s heavy”.

Chris Hemsworth’s fellow Avengers were definitely curious about his hot cheat day. Guardians of the Galaxy star, Chris Pratt commented, “Hey bud, just heard from my trainer and he needs you to stop working out because since we’re gonna be in the same movie and everything, he doesn’t want me to stand next to you if you look like that so I’m gonna need you to put on 25lbs real quick, cool thanks.”

Chris Hemsworth stayed proud and consoled his colleague saying, “Don’t worry mate, we can just both use the same fancy filter that’s applied here. It’s called instashred”.


This cardio workout post is one of many. These images show Chris Hemsworth’s application Centr and promotes all the training tricks to try during isolation. Hemsworth has a team of “world-class trainers” that help get him into shape. 

Med Ball

Chris Hemsworth promotes his new Tag Heuer fitness watch but also gets ready to continue a great workout. Hemsworth decides to start off with a 200 pound med ball. Can he pick us up instead? 

Greatest Man Alive

Humble & hot, Chris Hemsworth praises his trainer & friend, Ross Edgley. Ross Edgley is an author, adventurer, and swimmer, but Hemsworth believes Edgley is just a complete “legend”. 


In 2019, Chris Hemsworth’s health app Centr posted a picture of Hemsworth in a mid-way pushup. With him sporting a tank top along the beach, we can only dream we’ll see that smokin’ view in person one day. 


Chris Hemsworth posted a workout clip of him & his buddy Bobby Hanton. Hemsworth watched Hanton hang upside down on a tall workout bar. When Hemsworth tried to “monkey see monkey do” he ended up falling much quicker than his talented friend. 

Chris-tmas season

In this festive photo, Chris Hemsworth is shown pushing a weighted sleigh with no reindeer to help out. Rocking a Santa hat in black sweats, his caption reads “pressies are on their way”. This image makes us very excited for this holiday season

Chris Hemsworth’s health and fitness App “Centr” includes expert yoga instructors like Tahl Rinsky and celebrity chefs like Dan Churchill. Hemsworth’s application teaches people to eat healthy and maintain a better lifestyle. Applying workouts with his Centr team, Chris Hemsworth has become the true god of thunder. 

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