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Did chris Hemsowrth nearly kick the bucket? Look at the newest details for the latest 'Extraction' movie!

Did Chris Hemsworth really nearly die on the set of ‘Extraction 2’?

If action sequences could set screens on fire, would you still watch? Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, gets his hand aflame in a mind-boggling 21-minute action sequence in Extraction 2, and we’re all here for it. Streaming on Netflix, Hemsworth, playing black ops mercenary Tyler Rake, scorches through an epic prison break. The sequence is as hot as a blazing comet streaking across the sky, and we are so down for the ride.

Let’s take a look at everything the trailers have revealed thus far and what the actor himself feels about all of this.

Rake’s break

Our action-packed hero is on a mission to rescue a young woman and her kids from a Georgian prison’s clutches, where a nasty drug dealer is the boss. But, of course, things go haywire! A riot breaks out in the prison, and our hunky hero must zip through gangsters, zoom through a forest, and balance atop a high-speed train in a snow-laden landscape to protect the family.

This particular scene is all the more impressive because it looks like it’s filmed in one continuous shot. Thanks to Sam Hargrave, the stuntman-turned-director, we get an adrenaline-pumping ride. Remember the first Extraction movie that set our hearts racing with a 12-minute single-take scene? Well, this sequel’s got a sequence almost twice as long!

Behind the scenes

Hemsworth admits to being a bit freaked out when his hand caught fire. He relied on the safety crew and his weeks of training to keep him grounded. The scene took nearly five months of rehearsals and a whopping twenty-nine days to shoot. Chris’s passion was put to the test as he blasted through this monstrous scene, which was filmed in bits and pieces, making the final stitching an editor’s nightmare.

Speaking of dedication, Chris Hemsworth went all-in. The scene where he’s on top of a train barreling at fifty miles per hour? That’s him, no stunt double, shooting at a chopper just twenty feet away. Sam Hargrave made sure Chris was comfy with the speed and had enough rehearsal time. They even built a walkway on top of the train so Hemsworth and the camera operator could move without plunging to their doom.

Hemsworth shared that there was no faking it. 95% of what you see on the screen actually happened on the day of shooting. The only digital effect? The chopper crash. And we thank them for that. Don’t want to lose a good pilot!

The horizon

After enduring the high-octane shooting days, Hemsworth chilled out by watching Succession on HBO. Though he humorously remarks that it might not have been the most relaxing choice.

Extraction was a major hit, and now with Extraction 2, we’re all buckled up for some more heart-racing moments. But what about Extraction 3? Can we even handle more? If it does happen, we’re pretty sure the stakes will be higher than ever.

Hemsworth cracks a smile, thinking about the possibilities. They’ve already pulled out all the stops; what’s next, a whole movie shot in one take?

So, are you ready to embrace the inferno with Tyler Rake? And more importantly, can your screen handle the heat?


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