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Marvel is known for their exciting trailers. Here's a rundown of the most liked trailers in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Do Likes Matter on YouTube: Most Liked Marvel Trailers

As the social media technologies progress and algorithms that regulate the suggested content become more complicated and intelligent, many people have a question – do likes on youtube still matter as they did at the beginning of the development of this platform. 

The fact that people continue buying video likes proves that their current role in promotion and marketing support is still significant. To make sure of that, simply look over the most liked movie trailers from Marvel Studios. In this article, we shall discover if there is a correlation between getting many likes on YouTube and the general success of the movie, and how that statistic works for moviemakers and consumers. 

The Avengers

This movie was one of the first bombs of awesomeness that was dropped on us by Marvel. The format was quite new, and although the original comic books were already popular, this movie has brought the stories about a bunch of superheroes to the level of popularity that is comparable to the Star Wars franchise. The first trailer of the upcoming hit has gathered 256 thousand likes, confirming the future success of the company. 

The Avengers: Infinity War

This trailer was uploaded in November 2017, boosting the interest in the first part of the franchise culmination. Infinity War was highly anticipated by fans from all around the globe, and their eagerness and enthusiasm were exposed in 3.8 million likes that supported this video on Youtube along with the enormous number of comments close to 500 thousand. Of course, there are 92k dislikes, but for the balance, it doesn’t matter, because it is still engagement. 

The Avengers: Endgame

The grand finale of all the Avengers stories has been awaited by millions, and the proof is that the first and second trailers have gathered 3.1 million likes. We all wanted to know if Thanos was kicked out of the Earth and if Tony Stark finds the way to make everything work as it was before. Unexpected twists and grand meeting of all the characters from the current franchise – no wonder that people went nuts to see the movie. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The second part of the new spiral of the glorious franchise has driven a lot of interest, especially from Tom Holland’s fans. His portrayal of Peter Parker was highly appreciated by the fans of Spider-Man, and the sequel was expected to be only better. Along with the continuous presence of Robert Downey Jr in the episodes, the trailer revealed another known celebrity in the cast – Jake Gyllenhaal in all his glory. Almost 2 million YouTube likes have convinced the studio that the new franchise is successful and expected by fans. Waiting for the next part soon!

Spider-Man: No Way Home

And here it is! Recently Marvel entertainment has revealed an official trailer for the sequel of Spider-man story, and only in two days, it has gathered 2.3 million likes on YouTube. Tom Holland has definitely won the hearts of fans with his incredible performance and charisma. The franchise is also supported by a massive social media campaign, and a recent break in the quarantine has escalated the possibility to develop the marketing strategy further. 

Thor: Ragnarok

The story of the Scandinavian thunder god is on. This time, Thor has to deal with the issues that emerge from the wrong parenthood strategy provided by Odin. The new twist has collected 822 thousand likes, showing that the company has to be careful with their further development of the MCU character. However, despite that, the third part of Thor has turned out to be engaging and fun, bringing out many talents from the cast. 


This was the successful launch of a series by Marvel for television. The story of Wanda Maximoff and Vision is extremely popular, and the series that is dedicated to their characters was met very warmly. In a short period, the first trailer has gained 750k likes, and the later experience proved that the expectations of the fans were totally blasted. 

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of Ten Rings

The upcoming movie that begins the new page in the Marvel expansion of the theaters, is dedicated to a forgotten comic that focuses on classic Asian-style fighting more than on magic and technologies. 

Shang-Chi is the start of the new franchise loop that is supposed to bring us back to the era of dynamic fighting movies with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and revive the interest in Asian mortal combat themes. The trailer for this movie has gained 446k likes in two months and now demonstrates that people are eager to see something new. 


The new spin of the Marvel Universe begins! And the new trailer for the Eternals was presented in August, collecting 611k likes in a month. The interest in the monumental story is enormous because we all have missed going to the cinema for a dose of good action and epicness, along with the starcrossed cast. Waiting to see it in theaters in November?

The Black Widow

Finally, Natasha Romanoff gets her own spin-off movie, revealing her personality and motivation. The movie met many problems due to the pandemic and world quarantine, but here it is, hitting the theaters with brilliant fighting scenes and an impressive cast. The trailer has gained 580k likes on Youtube, which is explained by the uncertain situation in the world. In comparison, the trailer has got only 10k dislikes, which makes it obvious that the Black Widow was expected a lot. 

Doctor Strange 

How pleased were fans to see that the current Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch has incarnated one of the most charismatic and complex characters of Marvel Universe – Doctor Stephen Strange: a brilliant surgeon who has to rethink all his life and become one of the toughest guardians of the world. The trailer was met mildly, gaining only 288k likes, but the overall campaign was based on mysteries and secrecy, so it isn’t too weird. The result shows that likes aren’t the only measurement for movies’ future success, but can tell if people are interested in the franchise at all. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy

This trailer has gained only 62k likes on youtube, and the first reason for that is that at the time the movie was filmed and promoted, the studio was oriented more on other marketing channels. The second reason for such appreciation was that the Guardians Of The Galaxy wasn’t expected to be a big hit. But what happened instead was that the movie suddenly became one of the biggest action movies in 2014, thanks to the talents of actors and directors. 

Why Likes Are Important for YouTube Promotion?

This metric is the one that indicates the real success of your video. People don’t hit like as soon as the video opens and begins playback. They watch it first and they may share their opinion about it, by hitting the thumb up. For you, this is a sign that your content is:

  • Original
  • Interesting
  • Engaging
  • Useful and valuable

How To Get More Likes For Your Videos On Youtube?

The first rule – don’t focus on getting likes and do not be upset if liking video is not a primary task for your audience.This metric is an indication of your progress, not the reason for it. 

So, you must realize that likes play a secondary part in your relationship with the audience. If you improve these relations, the number of likes, as well as all other statistics, will grow inevitably and stably. Here are the tips that will assist you in increasing your channels popularity:

MCU fans are itching for the next Marvel TV show, especially if they're called 'Hawkeye' and 'Ms. Marvel'. But when will these new Disney+ shows be released?

  • Use keywords to make your content appear to the relevant audience and be visible in the industry.
  • Provide the best visuals that you currently can. Gear isn’t important at first, but your editing skills and a general picture matter a lot. 
  • Introduce calls to action that are targeted to remind users to like, share or comment on your video. And subscribe too. 
  • Provide valuable and original content – this task is tough due to the huge level of competition in most niches, but it is still possible with an established strategy and charisma of the author. 
  • Personalize your content. As it was said before, people love charismatic entrepreneurs. Being yourself is the best tactic that you can adept because your natural behavior and passions will be represented organically. This is what attracts users and motivates them to follow you. 
  • Connect with your viewers. Communication is vital for YouTuber’s on this social platform. So your task is to provide enough feedback to your audience to make them see that you care about their opinion and work to improve your performance for them. 

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The trailers that are described in the list above are a tool for a company, which helps to indicate the points of interest of their target audience. Likes that they get are a part of huge research that assists the marketing teams to build up the tactics and update the strategy to get better results. 

For nonprofits, likes help to better understand the audience and are also a significant part of the analytics, but they are playing only in complexity with other metrics. 

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